Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2008 Edition

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Lindsay Lohan's Mom: Nude Photos Are Art

Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mom, thinks that Lindsay's nude photo shoot in New York Magazine was tastefully done.

"It was very tastefully done. I respect the photographer as an artist, so I look at them artistically. For him to call Lindsay 46 years later and to say can you recreate these photos is an honor. I looked at it as art, and as Lindsay doing a character. So I don't look at them like it's Playboy; she was being a character. So if you look at it that way, you can look at it as a mother."

Not only Dina thinks the pictures are artistic and not Playboy like, but she also allowed Lindsay's younger sister Ali to accompany her to the photo shoot:

"Trust me, I wouldn't have sent my 14-year-old to the set [if the shoot was in bad taste]. And obviously Lindsay wouldn't do anything with her sister there, that was risqué."

Truth is, Dina probably sent Ali to the shoot so Ali would see what she is expected to do in 6 years.

Pete Seeger

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Pete Seeger: "I Feel Optimistic"
The 88-year-old spiritual godfather of American folk music discusses Dylan, Springsteen, Bush and Obama

This week PBS will debut Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (watch a clip below), which traces the eighty-eight year-old folk legend's life from his time with the Weavers through the Joe McCarthy witch hunts to his days as elder statesmen of the folk community. It's loaded with archival footage of Seeger singing such classics as "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "If I Had A Hammer" and interviews with fans such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. Seeger called into Rolling Stone recently to chat about the documentary, his memories of Bob Dylan and Lead Belly — as well his thoughts on the presidential election.

From Pete Seeger: The Power of Song:

What do you think of the new documentary?
Well, it's too much a eulogy if you ask me. It didn't tell all the stupid things I've done. I've done hundreds of stupid things.

Tell me one.
Not realizing that I had an extraordinarily talented wife, and there were things that she wanted to do sometimes. But she put them aside to help me do the things that I wanted to do. She was an artist and projects that she undertook ended up having to put aside because my projects took precedent.

The film also has the nice things that I've done. I've had some good songs if I say so myself. The best songwriting I did was to think of three new words for an old gospel song, "We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder." The old song used to end "Soldiers of the cross," and I wanted to sing it for all sorts of people, whether they were Christians or Jews or Atheists or what. And now I simply sing 'Brothers, sisters, all,' and then after a couple of verses, I say, 'Sisters, brothers, all.' It sings well, and they have a nice shot in the movie of the whole crowd joining in with me on it.

Were you opposed to the idea of a documentary when they first approached you?
Well, it's created problems that I never foresaw. I usually joke that I was protected all my life by my left wing reputation. Now, the telephone rings every five minutes and the mail comes in by a half bushel a day. "Mr. Seeger, will you please sign autographs for these pictures? Will you come to our school and speak to the children? Will you accept this award?" Just answering the mail takes up most of the free time I used to have.

What did you think of Bruce Springsteen's The Seeger Sessions album?Oh, it was a great honor. He's an extraordinary person, as well as an extraordinary singer. He told me that he got one of my records and was playing it at his house, and his 10-year-old daughter said, "Hey, that sounds like fun." And all of a sudden, he says, "I pricked up my ears."

You met Bob Dylan right at the beginning of his career. Were you surprised just how far he went?
He's an absolute fantastic songwriter and thinker. He put out that John Wesley Harding record, and I used to put it on the outdoor speaker and play it over and over while I was skating in the backyard.

What's your first memory of Dylan?
It was down in Greenwich Village. I knew a lot of people down there and they said you got to hear this guy. I heard him once, and I asked him to be on a Hootenanny at Carnegie Hall. I remember sitting down at a long table with a batch of other people who were going to be on and said, "Folks, we only have time to sing three short songs because we all have about ten minutes a piece." I had asked too many people to be on the program. And this skinny guy raises his hand with a wry smile, I said, "What is it?" He says, "Well, one of my songs takes ten minutes." It was, "Where have you been my blue-eyed son? Where have you been my darling young one? And it's hard, hard. Hard rain's a-gonna fall." What a song!

What comes to mind when you think about your time with Lead Belly?
Extraordinary physical strength, yet he spoke very softly. I was nineteen and I was visiting Alan Lomax in New York where he was briefly studying anthropology at Columbia. This man of a little more than medium height came in wearing a suit, and Alan said, "Oh, Lead Belly, you should meet Charlie Seeger's son, Pete." I shook hands with him. And I got the impression of a very strong man, but keeping himself politely in reserve. He walked light on his feet, like a prizefighter. When he sang out, it came out in this extraordinary strength, a very strong tenor. He sang "Irene, Good Night" way up in the key of A. And people had to reach to make those notes, but it was right in the center of his range.

What do you think of Obama?

I guess if I had my choice, he'd be the one. I would've liked Kucinich. However, what I am for is I.R.V. Most people don't even know what it is: Instant Recount Voting. When you vote, you vote for your first choice, your second choice and your third choice. I went to a school where we had proportional voting and that's the way we voted for the student council. If your favorite already made it onto the council, then your second choice counted.

So you'd vote first for someone like Dennis Kucinich first?
That's right. And if he didn't make it, I'd vote for Obama and if he didn't make it, I'd vote for Hillary. If she didn't make it, I'd vote for Huckabee. Huckabee is a good speaker! He's the most radical speaker of any of them.

Do you think America is on the verge of leaving these dark times with the impending election?
I'm absolutely convinced that the extraordinary tradition in America of speaking your mind has saved us decade after decade after decade. Right now I'm more optimistic than I was after Hiroshima. I felt then that surely it would only be 20 or 30 years until another of those bombs would be dropped and if we weren't killed, we'd be poisoned by the fallout.

So you think the pendulum is going to shift back after eight years of Bush?
Well, I describe it this way. You know, if you bounce a ball on the sidewalk, the harder you throw it down, the higher it bounces. So, we may have some very good things happening. But who knows? There could be dirty tricks still tried.

Myron Cope

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Beloved Pittsburgh Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope died today at the age of 79. We asked Mondesi's House to put together a retrospective.

Steeler fans around the world will be hanging their Terrible Towels at half mast today, as legendary broadcaster Myron Cope passed away at the age of 79. Cope was the Steelers' color commentator from 1970-2004 and became the first pro football broadcaster to be elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2005.

Best known for his catchphrases, Cope had many of them: There was "Mmm-Hah!", "Okel Dokel" and his most famous, "Yoi!" (often "Double Yoi" or "Triple Yoi" in a moment of great excitement). In addition to being the creator of the Terrible Towel in 1975, Cope also fancied himself at the nickname game, popularizing "The Bus" for Jerome Bettis and creating "Slash" for Kordell Stewart. His radio show was also credited with making the phrase "Immaculate Reception" a household term. Think of his as a more likable version of Chris Berman, sans YouTube videos and "You're With Me, Leather" stories.

As much as Steeler fans will miss the playful side of Myron, it's the serious side that will leave an equal void. Cope's son Daniel was born with autism and has battled it his entire life, confined to an institution that can fulfill his special needs. So in 1996, Cope made the decision to contribute his ownership of the Terrible Towel trademarks to the Allegheny Valley School, a Pittsburgh institution that provides care for more than 900 mentally and physically disabled individuals. Proceeds from towel sales have helped raise over $1 million for the school.

Football is always taken a little too seriously in Pittsburgh, so when the voice of 35 years no longer walks among us, trust me, it is a huge loss. And while the Steelers family has suffered numerous losses in the last few years (most recently Ernie Holmes), Cope's death would probably rank as the biggest loss since the passing of founder Art Rooney in 1988. Although I was only 11 years old at that time, I can remember The Chief's passing being treated with the same reverance as the death of a pope. Expect something along those lines for Cope.

I realize that I'm known for a sarcastic take on Pittsburgh sports, but in all honesty, I'm having a hard time showing anything but sadness when discussing this news. Yes, he was goofy and he was schticky, but he was our goofy and schticky guy. He was a Yinzer through and through. He epitomized the city of Pittsburgh and connected with the vast majority of Steeler Nation. His nasal delivery, his nicknames, his catchphrases...they would all be looked at as pure filler today. But somehow he was able to pull it off, and for 35 years at that.

His influence on the Steelers and pro sports in general cannot be discounted. Yes, the Terrible Towel was a gimmick, but now it's copied on some level (and poorly, I might add) by countless teams during a playoff run. And at least Myron's version is doing some good for people.

Our city has a lot going on right now. We have a college basketball team with an RPI of 26 who's knocked off Georgetown and Duke. We have a Stanley Cup-contending team who just picked up a hired gun for the stretch run. But despite all of that, today the legendary Myron Cope will get his much-deserved final turn in the spotlight. We'll miss you, Myron.

Buddy Miles

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Buddy Miles, 60; drummer with Hendrix, voice of California raisins
Buddy Miles joined Jimi Hendrix and bassist Billy Cox in the Band of Gypsys, called “the first black rock group,” in the early 1970s.

Buddy Miles, the rock and R&B drummer, singer and songwriter whose eclectic career included stints playing with Jimi Hendrix and as the lead voice of the California Raisins, the animated clay figures that became an advertising phenomenon in the late 1980s, has died. He was 60.

Miles died Tuesday of congestive heart failure at his home in Austin, Texas, according to an announcement on his website.

A massive man with a distinctive, sculpted afro, Miles hit his peak of popularity when he joined Hendrix and bassist Billy Cox to form Hendrix's Band of Gypsys, which the New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll called "the first black rock group." Miles had played with Hendrix on the guitarist's influential "Electric Ladyland" album released in 1968.

The Band of Gypsys made just one album, a live set recorded on New Year's Eve in 1969-70, and two of Miles' songs, "Them Changes" and "We Got to Live Together," were included on the album. He gave the recording a memorable drum riff on one of Hendrix's signature songs, "Machine Gun."

But, according to Miles, the Band of Gypsys association was brief and stormy. He told The Times in 1988 that Hendrix's management, not the guitarist himself, fired him within a month of the concert. He thought Hendrix's managers were leery of continuing with an all-black group.

"It had to be a racial thing," Miles told The Times. "I think it had to scare them because of the political aspect at the time."

Miles was born Sept. 5, 1947, in Omaha. He developed an interest in drums at an early age and by 12 was playing in his father's jazz combo. Within a couple of years he was in demand as a session player and a sideman, working with top-name R&B groups, including Ruby and the Romantics and the Delfonics. According to the Rolling Stone encyclopedia, he played on the session that produced the Jaynetts' 1963 hit "Sally Go Round the Roses."

While playing with Wilson Pickett in 1967, he was approached by guitarist Mike Bloomfield, who asked him to join the blues, rock and soul group Electric Flag. Miles played on three of the band's albums before forming his own group, the Buddy Miles Express, in 1968. Next came his association with Hendrix.

Over the years, Miles recorded two albums with Carlos Santana, one of which went platinum, and worked with other leading music figures, including Muddy Waters and John McLaughlin. He re-formed the Buddy Miles Express in the mid-1970s and had a hit with his song "Them Changes."

By the late 1970s, however, Miles' career came to a halt over convictions for grand theft and auto theft. He served time in the California Institution for Men at Chino and at San Quentin State Prison. He was incarcerated until 1985 and formed bands at both prisons.

After he was released, he sang with Santana's group and got the raisin gig while working on an album with the guitarist. The popular television commercials for the California Raisin Advisory Board featured a quartet of singing and dancing Claymation figures with Miles, as Buddy Raisin, doing the lead singing covering Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."

The commercial's popularity spawned a million-selling offshoot album of remakes of rock and soul oldies, "The California Raisins Sing the Hit Songs."

Combat zone adult

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Brain Damage to defend title against an INSANE challenger at "Lights, Camera, CZW..."

At "9 F'N Years", Brain Damage almost looked human. The cyborg suffered the first major loss of his CZW career at the hands of Drake Younger in one of the bloodiest matches of the Combat Zone's nine year existence. In doing so, he lost his Ultraviolent Underground Title, and the aura of invicibility that has surrounded him since returning to CZW.

CZWNews has just learned that Brain Damage could lose more on March 8th, as he is set to defend his Iron Man Championship against the returning deathmatch specialist, and all-around psycho - INSANE LANE.

Through his appearances in the Tournament of Death, and other major Deathmatch tournaments, the bizarre challenger has literally carved a name for himself as one of the most dangerous competitors in the world. Hailing from "The DEEP South", Insane Lane comes to "Lights, Camera, CZW..." with the biggest opportunity, and challenge of his career at hand.

Next Saturday, Brain Damage will face a great opportunity of his own. The usually indestructible cyborg comes into March 8th's event with a need to destroy something...anything. Brain Damage isn't used to the feeling of uncertainty or doubt when it comes to his fate in the ring. The Iron Man Champion will likely look take out his Ultraviolent frustrations on Insane Lane, all while defending his gold and looking towards reclaiming his role as the baddest motherfucker in all of CZW.

Stipulations for this contest have yet to be determined, but as always, Lobo promises to keep the CZW fans informed if and when a decision is reached. CZW returns to South Philly and the New Alhambra Arena on March 8th for "Lights, Camera, CZW..." Tickets are still available and can be purchased on the day of the show at the New Alhambra box office.

William F. Buckley Jr. dies at 82

William F. Buckley Jr., the erudite Ivy Leaguer and conservative herald who showered huge and scornful words on liberalism as he observed, abetted and cheered on the right's post-World War II rise from the fringes to the White House, died Wednesday. He was 82.

His assistant Linda Bridges said Buckley was found dead by his cook at his home in Stamford, Conn. The cause of death was unknown, but he had been ill with emphysema, she said.

Editor, columnist, novelist, debater, TV talk show star of "Firing Line," harpsichordist, trans-oceanic sailor and even a good-natured loser in a New York mayor's race, Buckley worked at a daunting pace, taking as little as 20 minutes to write a column for his magazine, the National Review.

Yet on the platform he was all handsome, reptilian languor, flexing his imposing vocabulary ever so slowly, accenting each point with an arched brow or rolling tongue and savoring an opponent's discomfort with wide-eyed glee.

"I am, I fully grant, a phenomenon, but not because of any speed in composition," he wrote in The New York Times Book Review in 1986. "I asked myself the other day, 'Who else, on so many issues, has been so right so much of the time?' I couldn't think of anyone."

Buckley had for years been withdrawing from public life, starting in 1990 when he stepped down as top editor of the National Review. In December 1999, he closed down "Firing Line" after a 23-year run, when guests ranged from Richard Nixon to Allen Ginsberg. "You've got to end sometime and I'd just as soon not die onstage," he told the audience.

"For people of my generation, Bill Buckley was pretty much the first intelligent, witty, well-educated conservative one saw on television," fellow conservative William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, said at the time the show ended. "He legitimized conservatism as an intellectual movement and therefore as a political movement."

Fifty years earlier, few could have imagined such a triumph. Conservatives had been marginalized by a generation of discredited stands

Rossellini makes short 'Green Porno' films

Italian actress Isabella Rossellini has written, directed and starred in a series of short films named 'Green Porno.' The films are a comical but insightful study about the sex life of bugs, insects and various other creatures.

Tommy Hilfiger puts mansion up for sale

Tommy Hilfiger has put his Greenwich estate on the market.

Sotheby's International Realty said the fashion designer's gated Stone Hill estate is listed at $28 million. The 20,000-square-foot home has eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

There is also a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, lush gardens and a 2,000-bottle wine cellar.

Hilfiger has lived in Greenwich for more than 10 years.

oscars winner list

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Winner: No Country for Old Men (2007) - Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Scott Rudin

Best Achievement in Directing
Winner: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen for No Country for Old Men (2007)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood (2007)

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Winner: Juno (2007) - Diablo Cody

Best Documentary, Features
Winner: Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) - Alex Gibney, Eva Orner

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Winner: Marion Cotillard for Môme, La (2007)

indiana jones teaser trailer Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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A government facility in Roswell, NM plays a big role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, judging from a leaked bootleg of the movie's first official trailer. So it looks like the rumors about Indy getting involved with some extraterrestrials are true. The trailer also shows a fight sequence in the massive government secrets crate warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

We were skeptical going in, but I have to say that Harrison doesn't look bad at all, and we didn't even mind the jokes about him getting creaky with age. Ray Winstone looks decent as fill-in material for Sallah/Marcus Brody, and Cate Blanchett's Russimatrix look is going to inspire some costumes come Halloween. We just hope the final film isn't laden with CGI, and there are a couple of shots in this that look a bit too close to that for comfort. After all, this does have the Lucasfilm name on it, so you know George will try to cram in as much CGI as possible.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg with a story by George Lucas and screenplay by David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds). The movie is the fourth in the Indiana Jones series and takes place 30 years after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the 1950s. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrives in theaters this summer on May 22nd! The first poster for the film is featured below.

Jokes of the Day: Valentine's Jokes

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1. The best way to remember your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday is to forget it just once.

2. Beware of men who consider marriage to be a very expensive way to get one’s laundry done.

3. Before a man gets married, he yearns for his wife to be.
After they get married, the "y" disappears from the word "yearns."

4. Most people have no idea that even skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Skunks are very scent-ti-mental.

Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?
A: A Valentiny.

Q: Why did the pig give his girlfriend some chocolates?
A: Because it was Valenswine’s Day, of course!

Fijne Valentijnsdag
Happy Valentine's day!
Feliz San Valentin !!!!!!!
Happy VD Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
February 14th, it’s a day for romance, love, chocolate, flowers, and of course those hand written cards or love notes. It’s Valentine’s Day.
The history of Valentine’s Day

The original idea for Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with romantic love, chocolates or flowers. Instead, it was a religious event, created by early Christians in honor of a priest who was known as Valentine of Rome.

Claudius the Cruel, as he is now called by historians, was Emperor of Rome at that time. He imprisoned Valentine because he had been secretly marrying men and women who wanted to be together as husband and wife, against the Emperor’s wishes.

Valentine also tried to help people who were falsely or wrongly imprisoned, which of course upset the Roman dictator.

St. Valentine, as he would later become known, was buried on February 14th after he was executed by direct order of Claudius the Cruel.

Why Valentine?
St. Valentine was a widely revered and loved priest. As Christianity began to overtake and expedite the fall of the Roman Empire, Valentine married countless couples in secrecy after the Emperor had forbidden men and women to marry.

At that time around 265-269 A.D., Rome faced grave military situations. Its once vaunted army was in tatters, and more and more men were forced to fight in a cause they no longer believed in.

To try and "fix" this problem, Claudius the Cruel outlawed all marriages between men and women, which was one of the dumbest decisions any ruler ever made.

Thankfully, today’s tradition of Valentine’s Day is far more civil and is based around love, kindness and giving.

St. Valentine would be honored.

Valentine Layouts for Myspace

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As Valentine’s Day draws nearer and nearer, Myspace gets slower and slower, too. Lol. Probably because Myspace users want to celebrate Valentines on their Myspace pages, as well, so everyone is busy dressing up their Myspace profile with Valentine layouts, accessorizing with Valentine graphics, or sending out Valentine comments to their friends!

So, is your Myspace page ready to welcome Valentine’s Day? If not yet, you still have time to install Valentine layouts for Myspace on your page. Here are Valentine layouts for Myspace that would surely add love and romance to your space:

Valentine Layouts for Myspace

Kiss Valentine Layout for Myspace

Rose Valentine Layout for Myspace

Cupid Valentine Layout for Myspace

So, what are you waiting for? Dress up your profile page with these Valentine Layouts for Myspace and make that special someone fall in love with you more this Valentine’s Day!

Also check out Graphics for Myspace and Comments for Myspace for other Valentine accessories you can put up on your Myspace on Valentine’s Day!

'American Idol' Crown Their Top 24

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"American Idol" unveiled their top 24 on Tuesday night sending through a few early favorites, but letting go some of the contenders fans had already grown attached to.

At the end of the hour-long program, the top 12 male contestants were revealed as:

[ Meet The 'Idol' Stalker - Watch the Video ]

Chikezie Eze
Danny Noriega
Jason Yeager
David Cook
David Hernandez
Luke Menard
Michael Johns
Jason Castro
Robbie Carrico
Colton Berry
David Archuleta

Noticeably absent from the list was Josiah Leming, the 18-year-old Tennessee native who arrived at the Atlanta, living in his Ford Thunderbird.

[ Former 'American Idols' - View the Gallery ]

On Monday night's two-hour show, the teenager covered British pop artist Mika's song "Grace Kelly," before in another round, he kicked off the band as nerves set in during his rendition of "Unchained Melody."

His strategy didn't pay off and the baby-faced blonde who sounds like former Winona Ryder flame, Bright Eyes, was sent home.

[ All Access: American Idol ]

Also packing his bag was Kyle Ensley, the spectacled young man in a pressed shirt and tie, but he wasn't sent home by a vote from judge Simon Cowell.

"I completely and utterly disagree with this decision," Cowell said as Colton Berry was passed through over Ensley. "I think you should have been given a chance. I think you would have had something people would have enjoyed."

[ Meet The 'Idol' Stalker - Watch the Video ]

There were fewer upsets on the female side.

The following ladies made it through to the top 24:

[ Former 'American Idols' - View the Gallery ]

Kristy Lee Cook
Amanda Overmyer
Alexandrea Lushington
Joanne Borgella
Brooke White
Syesha Mercado
Alaina Whitaker
Asia'H Epperson
Amy Davis
Kady Malloy
Carly Smithson
Ramiele Malubay

micronesia - survivor

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Survivor Micronesia: Episode 1, "You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look" Live Thoughts

Survivor is back and it's bringing what looks to be one of the best seasons yet. Tonight's premiere will introduce us to the superfans of the show as well as reintroduce us to returning favorites. The fans have no idea that they'll be going up against some of the best players of all time and I'm pretty psyched to see the looks on their faces. Where as we've been able to predict where past seasons are going, Micronesia should give us lots of jaw dropping moments.

Alright, here we go. It's time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts on the newest season of Survivor!

Probst is flying over Micronesia and it's such a beautiful site. The fans are shown being rowed to their camp on one side of the island while the favorites row on the other side. These favorites are back with a vengeance. I LOVE IT!

The favorites are being introduced. Ozzy got a pretty good round of applause while Eliza got the slow, empty clap. The fans go crazy for James and Yau-Man but we wouldn't expect anything less. Probst just said that Fairplay already looks intoxicated. HA!

Time to run for your boats. On an island a little ways out are boats that will take them to their camps but also individual immunity. And everybody hits the water! MAN! Erik beat Ozzy across the water. That's shocking. Fairplay gets the idol but it's from the other boat. IDIOT. Yau-Man wrestled the right one out of his hands - amazing. Kathy gets the idol for the fans.

Fans are back at the camp. Chet got called out for being gay in the first 0.2 seconds. You would think these people have never been around gay people in their lives - like they're some kind of alien. He just got asked if he wants to be a girl. Wow. Kathy is pretty quirky but I'm secretly hoping she stays around a while to keep things lively!

On to the favorites camp - Ozzy, go climb a tree. You're home! Their tribe is called Malakal - which sort of sounded like "Mothball" when Probst said it. I'll catch the name of the fans' camp next time around. These people definitely know what they're doing around camp. They already got some food and started their shelter.

Ozzy is aligning with Amanda already. Smart move? Parvati is all over James - what a surprise.

Back to fans. P.S. Their tribe name is Ariai. Way too many vowels there. They hardly built a shelter and they're getting rained on. Kathy already broke down because of the weather. Rookies.

Favorites Alliance Newsflash: Eliza, Yau-Man, Ami and Jonathan. Jonathan wants to take Parvati out but most people are looking to axe Fairplay.

Woah. My internet just went down and scared the heck out of me. Thank you, wireless internet card. Plugged in and I'm back.

Fairplay is asking to be sent home because he says he misses his girlfriend. I don't know if I buy it. At tribal council, he's sticking to his story. Almost everyone believes him. They just sent him home. Argh! Fairplay, you idiot.

We'll hear from him this week and figure out what the hell he was thinking!

rocket man lyrics

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She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.
And i'm gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much i miss my wife
It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight

And i think it's gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think i am at home
Oh no no no i'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it's cold as hell
And there's no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science i don't understand
It's just my job five days a week
A rocket man, a rocket man

And i think it's gonna be a long long time...

Frankie Valli - My Eyes Adored You Lyrics

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My Eyes Adored You Lyrics
» Frankie Valli

My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you,
My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see
How I adored you:
So close, so close and yet so far away

Carried your books from school,
Playing make-believe you're married to me:
You were fifth grade, I was sixth
When we came to be
Walking home every day over Barnegat Bridge and Bay,
Till we grew into the me and you
Who went our separate ways

My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you,
My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see
How I adored you:
So close, so close and yet so far

Headed for city lights,
Climbed the ladder up to fortune and fame,
I worked my fingers to the bone,
Made myself a name.
Funny, I seem to find that, no matter how the years unwind,
Still I reminisce about the girI miss
And the love I left behind...

My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you,
My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see
How I adored you:
So close, so close and yet so far

All my life I will remember how warm and tender
We were way back then
Though I'm feeling sad regrets I know I won't ever forget
You, my childhood friend

My eyes adored you
Though I never laid a hand on you,
My eyes adored you
Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see
How I adored you:
So close, so close and yet so far

Heidi Fleiss arrested for drug possession

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Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss was arrested and charged with possession of prescription drugs and driving under the influence on Thursday morning outside Las Vegas.

A statement issued by Nevada's Nye County Sheriff's office said deputies responded to a possible drunk driver a little after 9 a.m. Thursday morning in the town of Pahrump.

Deputies stopped Fleiss and found drugs but no prescription. A passenger, John Owen, also was arrested on charges of being under the influence of controlled substances and possession of marijuana.

Reached by phone, Fleiss told Reuters she was stopped in a parking lot when an officer approached her. She had taken Owen, a plumber, to a hardware store, she said.

Fleiss admitted carrying the pain killer Vicodin, but said she has a prescription, only it was not with her. Fleiss said she must appear in court and show the prescription.

"I'm squeaky clean this time," Fleiss said.

Fleiss was convicted in 1997 on tax evasion charges in connection with a prostitution ring she was accused of running that catered to Hollywood celebrities. Her arrest and trial made headlines around the world.

Subsequently, she was involved with actor Tom Sizemore and accused him of domestic violence. More recently, she moved to Nevada, where she had planned to build a legal brothel.

Daniel Faraday - Lost

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Daniel Faraday is parachuted onto the island.
Jeremy parachuted from a helicopter, landed on the island, and when Jack and Kate ran up to him said, "Are you Jack?"
Daniel Faraday lands on the LOST island.. but was the helicopter he jumped from out of control? Would this be due to the island itself?

we built this city lyrics

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Built This City Lyrics
Artist(Band):The Diplomats

We built this city
We built this city
We built this city
We built this city on rock
(rock, rock)~~~

We built this city
On these blocks we hustle
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
Turn bricks to whips
We built this city on rock and roll
We built this city
In the midst of the struggle
On rock
We built this city
From bottom to top
We built this city on rock and roll
Through the agony pain diplomatic we reign

{Jim Jones}
A yo my DIPSET Taliban
We on these streets like the wars on the streets in Afghanistan better yet of Pakistan
To America, Harlem’s Al Qaeda any problem I’ll spray ya not the star or the mayor
But in this 50 block radius, lets get the rock and shave this sh** or get the glock and blaze this sh**
Bit**** get the cock and savor it
They say Jim Jones the Capo my favorite
(Fu****s. Let’s get it right, sh**)
Here’s some of the sh** my city wasn’t built up over
Drugs, money, some sh** you’ll get killed up over
Slumped on ya wheel straight tilted over
Trust me dogs, i've seen it in plural
N****z wasted , then painted and seen on a mural
In this apple of mine is rotten, dill
Yap up ya shines, clock shot that’ll crack up ya mind
Cop rocks and cook that crack up to dimes
New York City the capital of crime

We built this city
From the packin and stackin’
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
From the scramblin’ and gamblin’
We built this city on rock and roll
We built this city
From the packin’ and stackin’
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
From the scramblin’ and gamblin’, blamin’ the cannon at ya face mutha
We built this city on rock and roll (Santana the Great)

{Juelz Santana}
Yo, Now once again it’s Santana the Great
I built this city on hammers and weight
Gasoline rope, bandanas and tape
Lots of fiends, lots of coke being handed away
You know the usual
Shut em’ down, set up shop, how we usually do
Cut em’ down, dead the block, man we movin’ through
Diplomats is the strongest force
On and off the court we ball its more than sport
(Muthaf****. It’s Santana n**** come on)
We built this city from ground zero the spittin’ the pound zero
Brown pistol at cha get down kiko
Yeah this is from the ground up N****
So get ya weight and ya pounds up n****
Cuz’ when it’s beef my homies mound up quicker,
Spit the pound much quicker, lay you down much quicker
You never been approached by golden eagles
Vultures that’ll scope and feed you, no corpse, just leave you~~
(Sh** you know)

We built this city
On blood sweat and tears
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
We gon’ make it to the top
We built this city on rock and roll
We built this city
Through blood, swear and tears
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
Blood sweat and tears
We built this city
Through the trials and tribulations we gon’ make it through the years come on

{Hell Rell}
It’s like what I wouldn’t do for a buck
My enemies can’t rest in piece Jones we shoot they funerals up
New gangsta’s in the city b**** ring the alarm
All you hoes bow down kiss the ring of a don
It’s about to get real big playa, humunguos
Stack money so long, till it grew fungus
We was gon’ let you live unitl you through punches
Now it’s got to get critical and we got to get rid of you
And we the most talked about, the most popular
We live by the code we the DIPSET Mafia
You never know who’s watchin’ ya
You never know who’s plottin’ to pop at cha
We focus like a pair of binoculars
Im bout to get gritty.
M5, CLKs garage look like alphabet city
And I’m a hustla, I put cracks in communities,
Cops can’t touch me, got Diplomatic Immunity
Now drop em’, guaranteed a million shipped and scanned
If not back to the block, strips and grams

If not get wit Cam
I got clips that lift the vans. Flip it fam
Sh** they can kick the can
This cat think he sling cause he gotta pinky ring
Rinky dink diamonds they don’t even make ya pinky bling
(We built this city) And now I’m gon’ kill the city
(We built this city) Crib for 50, yeah I’m actin’ real sadity
(We built this city) Cause I collect mills in 50
(We built this city on rock) For real it’s pretty and ya’ll gon feel the pity

We built this city
On blood sweat and tears
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
We gon’ make it to the top
We built this city on rock and roll
We built this city
On blood, swear and tears
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
Blood sweat and tears
We built this city
Through the trials and tribulations we gon’ make it through the years come on

We built this city
On these blocks we hustle
We built this city on rock
On rock
We built this city
Turn bricks to whips
We built this city on rock and roll
We built this city
In the mist of the struggle
On rock
We built this city
From bottom to top
We built this city on rock and roll
Through the agony pain diplomatic we reign

We built this city
We built this city on rock
We built this city
We built this city on rock and roll

We built this city
We built this city on rock
We built this city
We built this city on rock and roll

first person to break the sound barrier

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Retired Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier and the inspiration for The Right Stuff. So, what have you accomplished? Don't feel so bad, we're sure you're doing great things, like at least going to see Yeager, who'll speak about his exploits.

Chuck Yeager
7 p.m. Wednesday
American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum
4601 Texas 360 at FAA Road
Fort Worth

Holly Wellin

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Holly Wellin (also known as Holly Wallen, Holly Wellen, Holly Weiden) is a British pornographic film actress and nude model.

Hillary Clinton has officially just won my vote! I’m not a Democrat, I can’t stand Hillary, she cries, she’s busted, she’s a lawyer and there are probably hundreds of other reasons not to vote for her. She does have one thing going for her however, the endorsement of British adult actress Holly Wellin.

Holly is best known for her enthusiastic (and often violent) performances. She has been known to spontaneously spit, hit and cry on camera during a scene. Holly vows to become Hillary’s intern and spontaneously go down on Mrs. Presdient in the oval office to get back at Bill for the Monica thing.

Imagine Bill in the White House just hanging out with no responsibilities for four years. He would be like the real life Jefferson Darcy, hanging out with Al all day while Marcy does all the work.

chuck yeager

chuck yeager, howard hughes, howard hughs, howard hues, howard huges, first american pilot to exceed the speed of sound, chuck yeager, howard hughes, mach, mach 1, mach speed

Retired Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier and the inspiration for The Right Stuff. So, what have you accomplished? Don't feel so bad, we're sure you're doing great things, like at least going to see Yeager, who'll speak about his exploits.

Chuck Yeager
7 p.m. Wednesday
American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum
4601 Texas 360 at FAA Road
Fort Worth

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year Of The Rat kicks off today. The picture above is from the 3rd Annual China in London Season, celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Oxford Circus today.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Keeley Hazell Bikini Pictures!!!

Here's Keeley Hazell in a bikini promoting some new crap body spray for men with low self esteem, and poor senses of smell. Either that, or Keeley is doing the weather report, and it appears to be a cold day in London. How do I know it's a cold day in London, you ask? Well, to be honest, Keeley Hazell's nipples are telling me everything I need to know about the weather.
Wow! Keeley Hazell has done it again! Here she is promoting Lynx body spray in a bikini and all I can think is, it must be my birthday. I’m absolutely speechless, because normally we only see Keeley in photoshoots. To see her like this, looking better than some photoshopped picture has blown me away! Anyway, this is a real treat for you guys, so enjoy! Keeley Hazell Bikini Pictures!!!

Super Tuesday Results

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GEORGIA Barack Obama has won the Democratic primary in Georgia.

WEST VIRGINIA Mike Huckabee has won the Republican caucuses in West Virginia.

Updated at 8:07pm Pacific Time - Delegates gained so far on Super Tuesday (results updated as they are announced):

McCain: 271
Romney: 41
Huckabee: 25
Clinton: 58
Obama: 56

Audi R8 Superbowl Commercial

Audi R8 Superbowl Commercial, clearly inspired by the famous godfather scene. The man in bed is Alex Rocco, who played the part of moe greene, in the original godfather film.

'Idol' Alumna McPhee Marries Producer Cokas

Former "American Idol" contestant Katharine McPhee has wed producer Nick Cokas.

The pair married Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., McPhee's representative, Justin Gray Stone, told People Magazine.

Nick "is the love of my life," McPhee said. "This is a once in a lifetime occasion, and everything is just perfect."

A message left Sunday with McPhee's agent was not immediately returned.

McPhee, 23, and Cokas, 42, met in 2005. Their relationship blossomed when McPhee auditioned for "American Idol" later that year, according to People. They got engaged last year.

McPhee lost the season-five "Idol" sing-off to Taylor Hicks.

Moore Opens Heart To Children

Julianne Moore has a loving new way to help struggling children in America: Send a valentine.

Just before Christmas, the 47-year-old actress read to elementary school students and met with parents in White Oak, Tenn., on behalf of Save the Children. The organization aims to improve children's quality of life through literacy, physical activity and nutrition programs.

Afterward, Moore, a mother of two, was inspired to offer Valentine's Day cards online in return for donations to Save the Children. The cards, featuring children's art, can be printed or e-mailed, and are available through Feb. 14 on the charity's Web site.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Moore said she hopes the initiative will catch on in schools where classmates exchange valentines.

Man Who Robbed 'Lost' Star Makes Plea

A man charged with a string of home invasion robberies in 2005, including the holdup of "Lost" star Josh Holloway, has reached a plea agreement that will put him behind bars for 30 years.

Ruben Royce, 23, pleaded guilty Friday to 34 offenses, including kidnapping, first-degree robbery, burglary and auto theft, stemming from four home invasions. He agreed to a 30-year prison term when he's sentenced April 29.

'Rambo' A Rallying Point, Stallone Says

Sylvester Stallone says his latest "Rambo" film and its tag line are inspiring real-life opponents of Myanmar's military rulers.

"Either live for something, die for nothing - it's your choice," the 61-year-old actor-director said Saturday in a phone call from Paris, where he is promoting the movie, the fourth in a series.

"Students have now used this film as a rallying point and are using the quote, thinking maybe the American military will intervene and save them," he said.

"Rambo" has the disaffected Vietnam veteran John Rambo trying to find missionaries captured by Myanmar soldiers.

Myanmar's military crushed pro-democracy protests led by students and Buddhist priests last year.

Stallone filmed "Rambo," which has yet to be released in Asia, on a river bordering Myanmar and neighboring Thailand.

He issued a challenge to the ruling military.

"If they think this movie is a fantasy, I welcome the opportunity to let me come over there and walk around the country without armed guards following me every inch of the way," he said.

Musician Katharine McPhee appears backstage during MTV's 'Total Request Live' show at the MTV Times Square Studios, March 19, 2007, in New York. McPhee has wed producer Nick Cokas. The pair married Saturday, fEB. 2, 2008 in Beverly Hills, McPhee's representative, Justin Gray Stone, told People Magazine

Tyra Lynne Banks

Tyra Lynne Banks (born December 4, 1973) is an American supermodel, television personality, talk show host, actress, and singer. She first emerged to prominence on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, but her work in the commercial world was her breakthrough. She is best known as hostess/judge of the reality television show America's Next Top Model since its 2003 debut, and is currently hosting her own Daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. Banks is one of only four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world's most influential people by Time magazine.