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Survivor Micronesia: Episode 1, "You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look" Live Thoughts

Survivor is back and it's bringing what looks to be one of the best seasons yet. Tonight's premiere will introduce us to the superfans of the show as well as reintroduce us to returning favorites. The fans have no idea that they'll be going up against some of the best players of all time and I'm pretty psyched to see the looks on their faces. Where as we've been able to predict where past seasons are going, Micronesia should give us lots of jaw dropping moments.

Alright, here we go. It's time for some live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts on the newest season of Survivor!

Probst is flying over Micronesia and it's such a beautiful site. The fans are shown being rowed to their camp on one side of the island while the favorites row on the other side. These favorites are back with a vengeance. I LOVE IT!

The favorites are being introduced. Ozzy got a pretty good round of applause while Eliza got the slow, empty clap. The fans go crazy for James and Yau-Man but we wouldn't expect anything less. Probst just said that Fairplay already looks intoxicated. HA!

Time to run for your boats. On an island a little ways out are boats that will take them to their camps but also individual immunity. And everybody hits the water! MAN! Erik beat Ozzy across the water. That's shocking. Fairplay gets the idol but it's from the other boat. IDIOT. Yau-Man wrestled the right one out of his hands - amazing. Kathy gets the idol for the fans.

Fans are back at the camp. Chet got called out for being gay in the first 0.2 seconds. You would think these people have never been around gay people in their lives - like they're some kind of alien. He just got asked if he wants to be a girl. Wow. Kathy is pretty quirky but I'm secretly hoping she stays around a while to keep things lively!

On to the favorites camp - Ozzy, go climb a tree. You're home! Their tribe is called Malakal - which sort of sounded like "Mothball" when Probst said it. I'll catch the name of the fans' camp next time around. These people definitely know what they're doing around camp. They already got some food and started their shelter.

Ozzy is aligning with Amanda already. Smart move? Parvati is all over James - what a surprise.

Back to fans. P.S. Their tribe name is Ariai. Way too many vowels there. They hardly built a shelter and they're getting rained on. Kathy already broke down because of the weather. Rookies.

Favorites Alliance Newsflash: Eliza, Yau-Man, Ami and Jonathan. Jonathan wants to take Parvati out but most people are looking to axe Fairplay.

Woah. My internet just went down and scared the heck out of me. Thank you, wireless internet card. Plugged in and I'm back.

Fairplay is asking to be sent home because he says he misses his girlfriend. I don't know if I buy it. At tribal council, he's sticking to his story. Almost everyone believes him. They just sent him home. Argh! Fairplay, you idiot.

We'll hear from him this week and figure out what the hell he was thinking!

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