Holly Wellin

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Holly Wellin (also known as Holly Wallen, Holly Wellen, Holly Weiden) is a British pornographic film actress and nude model.

Hillary Clinton has officially just won my vote! I’m not a Democrat, I can’t stand Hillary, she cries, she’s busted, she’s a lawyer and there are probably hundreds of other reasons not to vote for her. She does have one thing going for her however, the endorsement of British adult actress Holly Wellin.

Holly is best known for her enthusiastic (and often violent) performances. She has been known to spontaneously spit, hit and cry on camera during a scene. Holly vows to become Hillary’s intern and spontaneously go down on Mrs. Presdient in the oval office to get back at Bill for the Monica thing.

Imagine Bill in the White House just hanging out with no responsibilities for four years. He would be like the real life Jefferson Darcy, hanging out with Al all day while Marcy does all the work.

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