April School--Pranks for Class

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1.You'll need a little bit of lightly sticky glue for this one--I suggest simply using a glue stick and smearing it.Put the glue on someone's seat--imagine the trouble they'll have getting up!

2.Got any fake doggie doo?Any fake barf?Either will do for this gag.Simply set it somewhere--a chair,a desk,even the teacher's desk!

3.Ok,this requires a teensy bit of planning and some strong waxed dental floss.(I suggest that you twist two together.If you braid three,that will work even better.)You'll need two desks,preferably part of this shape.Each x is a desk.

x x x x x
x x x x x
x x x x x
x x x x x

Tie the floss between the legs of two desks,leaving the space in between them tied off.People will trip over the floss.You could also put a banana peel down.

4.This one is best for two people--one to watch for people coming,the other to throw stuff.(Water balloons or even regular balloons work great.)Then laugh.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Pranks are good. I LOVE pranks.
Here is a prank you can do:

What you'll need:
A funnel
A penny
A glass of ice cold water
A victim
First, stick the little end of the funnel into your pants. Next, pretend you're playing a really fun game of trying to drop a penny off your chin and catching it in the funnel. Your victim will of course want to play. So you stick the little end of the funnel into your victim's pants. When your victim leans back to put the penny on his/her chin......you pour the water into the funnnel.

Is your victim laughing? If not, you'd better start running!
- D. Porter

Dry Ice Gag
get a small piece of dry ice, and a coin. when everyone's asleep, press the coin down on the dry ice. it'll make a loud screaming noise. everyone will wake up and look for the noise. by the time they get to
where you are, all the dry ice would be gone.

get a small piece of dry ice, an M&M minis tube, and some water. put the dry ice in the tube, and put a little bit of water in the tube. close the lid, let it sit, and it'll scare everyone half to death when the pressure of the dry ice and water make a loud popping noise. the lid will pop open, and the dry ice will fly across the room. you should do this prank while people are asleep. put the tube near them, without them seeing you.
- Julie G.

Go Fish, Goldfish

When you are at someone's house and they are having a party or people over, go to their main bathroom and put about a dozen goldfish in their toliet. This prank is hilarious because people won't know what to do. They either go to the bathroom and flush the fish or they let them stay in there until someone scoops them out and they will end up with a dozen goldfish!
- Smitley

The april fools practical jokes and gag gifts contained in this site are so funny that if I am drinking milk while checking these jokes out, I snort all that white liquid out my nose! Don't be one of the april fools, doggonit, check these practical jokes and gag gifts out! The practical jokes practically bring the house down! Down through history the fools of April have had their day, one day a year. See what those april fools have been up to and don't laugh with them, laugh at them.
- Walter Cronkite

April and her band of fools just love the tomfoolery on this site. From media hoaxes to pranks to gag gifts to practical jokes this site makes me laugh even when I'm in trouble with the law. Say, does anyone know if April is available because I would like to be her fool if you know what I mean. And if not does she have a sister?
- Bill Clinton

This April fools practical jokes and gag gifts pad is a jolly good site, indeed. I perused it over one time and laughed so hard it almost made me pee. Then a month later, I thought I would look up a few April fools practical jokes to play on dear young William (and even bought a few gag gifts) and I came back to this pad and laughed so hard I did pee my pants. Jolly good thing I am wearing Depends now days.
- Queen Elizabeth

It is not knowledge that is important, but rather imagination. And this April fools site is chocked full of imagination. And of course knowledge. Of course you can't deny the great gag gifts and practical jokes you find here, either. When I wrote my great theory I wasn't really thinking of great media hoaxes or fart jokes but yes, now I see that they too can apply. The jokes here are practical and the gifts make me gag. Would you like to see me slurp a loogie?
Eddie Einstein (Albert's little brother)

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