Live WrestleMania 24

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So where can you go online to see live stream of WM24 WrestleMania 24? I know about SopCast besides that. I want to see it not where it LAGS all the time. Anybody

Now, we're hard pressed to come up with a real good reason to send you away from this site, but maybe it's ok for a couple minutes. There is one "dark" (meaning not on television) match at WrestleMania tonight. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and can be viewed for free on

It's a 24-man Battle Royal and the winner gets to wrestle ECW champ Chavo Guerrero later in the evening. The winner, according to Sentinel in-house wrestling expert Chris Olds will be Kane. And, once again, he's right. Kane is the only one, besides Mark Henry, in the match that can generate enough heat to make championship match interesting.

Speaking of Kane, did you see his movie? It's called "See No Evil" and it was about as uncomfortable to watch as the Citrus Bowl seats are to sit on. He's a bad guy who likes to take--well, let the word "see" give you a clue--from hapless teenagers. So, if you've got Showtime2, you can watch it tonight at 9 p.m. while you keep checking back with us for lots of updates. It repeats on the main Showtime at midnight on Monday/Tuesday.

The Wrestlemania part of the buzz blog is going to go silent for a short while so that the blogging crew can make its way to the Citrus Bowl. Sit back with the computer in your lap, grab a beverage, and pretend it's election night as you wait for each precinct to check in here on

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