Oregon Man Pregnant: Mr. Beatie is expecting a baby girl

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An Oregon man is pregnant according to The Advocate; they have said “we have verified the pregnancy with Mr. Beatie’s gynecologist”. The man (Mr. Beatie) is expecting a baby girl around July 3, 2008 and the catch is he used to be a woman but now is a transgender male. Legally Mr. Beatie has changed sex to a male, so that does mean this Oregon man is pregnant…how weird is that?

He married Nancy Beatie legally but because she cannot carry a baby, they decided Mr. Beatie would have the baby because when he changed sex the vagina was kept (the breasts were surgically removed).

He is a Transgender pregnant male, but what do you make of this and do you think keeping a vagina still classes you as a man?

Also see the story of Mr. Lee Mingwei who apparently is the first born male to give birth to a baby from his body.