DB Cooper's Parachute Found?

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D.B. Cooper, the name is synonymous with getting away with crime. Then, there is the other aspect of his legend that is domestic hijacking of airplanes. What he did is such a rarity, the vulnerability of 9/11 struck America to its core.

Cooper stands out because of the nature of his crime and now he is in the news once again. After taking a small aircraft hostage, he landed it, was paid the money he demanded and disappeared into history.

The FBI is reporting that it is taking a long look at a segment of a parachute found in Washington state earlier today and its implication to this almost 25-year case.

So, who is D.B. Cooper?

He is the man who hijacked a Northwest Orient flight from Portland to Seattle in 1971, got what he wanted and was never heard from again. The aircraft landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and he released the passengers for $200,000 in cash.

D.B. Cooper then demanded that he be flown to Mexico where he promptly parachuted out of the airplane flying him to his desired locale. He has never been seen since. Cooper’s tale was chronicled in the 1981 film, “The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper.”

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