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Live results blogging from WrestleMania:
The 20-minute match ends with Shawn Michaels saying, "I'm sorry. I love you"and then gives Ric Flair sweet chin music to Flair -- high leg kick -- and pins him 1-2-3. Michaels bolts as Flair accepts the accolades of the crowd.
Here are the quick results from Wrestlemania 24:

- Kane won the freeview 24 man ECW Battle Royal, ridding Mark Henry last.

- JBL defeated Finlay in a wild brawl. Hornswoggle returned.

- As expected Matt Hardy returned costing MVP the Money In the Bank. CM Punk picked up the victory.

- Batista beat Umaga with a botched Batista Bomb, the crowd were more behind Umaga than the Animal.

- In record timing Kane beat Chavo for the ECW title, he snuck through the crowd and choke slammed Guerrero, winning in about 5 seconds.

- In the match of the night Shawn Michaels defeated the Nature Boy Ric Flair, ending his career. Amazing bout!

- Thanks to interference by Santino, Beth Phoenix and Melina beat Maria and Ashley. (The lights went faulty in this match and everyone thought Taker was coming out - they used a spotlight for a while afterwards).

- Randy Orton pinned John Cena after kicking Triple H, who just pedigreed Cena. Some great triple moves in this match.

- In a suprisingly good match Mayweather beat the Big Show with a brass knuckle shot. They really did pull one out of the hat here. Very enjoyable.

- WWE claims they have set a new attendance record for the citrus bowl, with over 74,000 people.

- Undertaker's entrance was amazing, fire went all the way around the set - it really came off well in the dark. His attitude era like entrance attire was a nice touch, no old man hat either.

In an equally as worthy match Edge taps out to the Triangle choke hold. Taker wins the belt.

- Overall a great Wrestlemania!

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