Cheesing or Cat Urine Drug

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adj. Used to describe a person with an uncontrolable grin usually caused by a mischievious act of their own doing or as a result of drug use.

If you aren't stoned, why are you cheesing?

v 1. Acting very slow or careless for a certain period of time before a significant event 2. To put on a display to delay an important occasion 3. To dilly-dally; waste time 5. To act in an embarrassing manner due to racial or sexual tension.

Ex. Quit cheesing, we need to be there by 3:00!
Get this guy off me, he keeps cheesing out.
They cheesed out and left us right when the show started.
Don't start cheesing and be late for school.
I try not to cheese; I'm a fast-paced person.
Cheesing is not the thing to do before a deadline.
I don't mean to cheese, but you have a nice ass.
Don't try to cheese on me, I have a boyfriend.

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