Chelsea Clinton asked about .... Monica Lewinsky

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Chelsea Clinton is stumping for her mother Hillary Clinton, when a Butler university student asked about Monica Lewinsky, the intern that blew Bill in a blue dress in the Oval office while Hillary was in the White House. Hillary had denied any knowledge her husband was cheating on her, which is another lie considering Bill Clinton was sued by Paula Corbin Jones for sexual harassment in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas on May 6, 1994. If my memory is correct, Paula won almost $1 million dollars while Bill was still a sitting president. Bill was linked to numerous affairs even during his first run for President, yet Hillary denied knowing anything. All Lies.

Chelsea did not want to comment on the question. Who could blame her?

The Butler university student who asked Chelsea the Monica Lewinsky question responded to the controversy, and revealed he is a Hillary Clinton supporter, but was disappointed with Chelsea’s response.

I would feel more comfortable if the Clintons would just face these scandals openly and honestly, rather than lying. The Clintons will continue to be involved in many scandals going forward, so if they continue to lie, it’ll continue to erode the public’s trust of them.