Chris Cornell - Billie Jean

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Just to be fair… Ryan did say “With Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean, here’s David Cook” before David started singing. I checked on my DVR because I was ranting and raving over it as well to my husband because I had heard Chris Cornell’s cover this morning on the radio and was absolutely blown away. Chris is a genius and amazing vocalist. Regarding David’s “originality”, I don’t think that the AI judges had heard Cornell’s cover. And David didn’t respond with words to the judges at all, the judges should have listened to Cornell’s version before deeming the arrangement “original”. Of course you would have to know that the judges didn’t know who 311 was last year to understand that they don’t listen to all genres of music. I think it’s more the judges fault that Cook didn’t get to re-state that Cornell arranged and sang the exact same version and it will be released on his solo album May 1st.

So I just watched American Idol. I found it absolutely shocking that the judges didn’t realizes David Cook did a cover of a cover. They praised him like when Daughtry covered a cover of Walking the Line. I really think it is complete arrogance that David Cook did not state it was a cover of a cover. No mention of Chris Cornell at all. What brilliance to take credit for the Rolling Stone Magazine’s fifth greatest rock vocalist of all times work. I applaud you sir, you are a genius. Truly, one of a kind. The worst part no one is going to realize this till the next couple days. So he gets all these votes that he does not entirely deserve.

Actually, I was wrong, Ryan did state that David Cook was singing Chris Cornell’s cover. I guess, I just got confused and annoyed by the judges critique of the performance.

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