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Lifestyle pets are advertising the $22,000 Ashera breed of cat. It’s the same as a Savannah cat, but more expensive. The originator claims to use gene mapping and artificial insemination, but hasn’t had his work published in peer-reviewed journals.

You pay upfront and get your cat 9 months later. Could it be a big scam? Brodie, the breeder of the Ashera first attempted to get some Savannah breeding cats using a fake name and company name.

He has also been convicted of false accounting (franchising Cloudhopper) and has lawsuits against him for failing to pay off loans. He also wants to sell franchises to breed the Ashera. Would you give him $22,000 upfront for a cat you won’t get for almost a year (if at all)? Especially as you can buy a Savannah cat for much less and much sooner. The benefit of a Savannah over an Ashera is that you can exhibit them at shows. Non-traditionally bred cats and franchised breeds aren’t recognised by cat registries and can’t be exhibited.

Upmarket designer cats have been tried. The California Spangled Cat was once sold in upmarket stores and has all but disappeared. The IRCA Ragdoll was bred under franchise and was ineligible for exhibition. The Ashera will be illegal in jurisdictions that prohibit wild/domestic hybrids. As for the claim of flying the cat to you in the cabin, many airlines don’t permit animals in the cabin and only carry them in the hold. Even the franchising scheme may be illegal in some states. As for buyers, a fool and his money are easily parted.

So, how about a breed so rare it doesn’t even exist yet? You’ve come to the right place ….

The Pakhet is the world’s rarest domestic cat - so rare that they will only bred when an order is received. This exotic-looking, but wholly domestic, breed has been bred by merging the bloodlines of the African Serval, the Asian Leopard Cat and the Geoffroy’s Cat to produce a leopard-like pet with large rosettes and contrasting stripes. Weighing up to 35 lbs and standing 24 inches at the shoulder, this muscular cat is available to carefully screened purchasers only. Legally defined as a domestic animal, there are no restrictions on owning this wild-looking feline in any US state. Because Costa Pakhet lawyers have defined the Pakhet as a domestic cat, it requires no special housing or licencing.

If you are contemplating the purchase of an Pakhet, or wish to become one of our franchised breeders, an advisor from our Costa Pakhet breeding facility will visit you in person to discuss all details regarding purchase and ownership and to answer any questions you may have. You will be required to sign a no-declaw agreement.
This page provides general information on the purchase and care of your Pakhet.


In spite or its rarity and wild appearance, the Pakhet cat requires no different care than any other purebred domestic cat. No live prey or special cat food is required although the large size of the Pakhet means it requires approximately twice as much food as an ordinary purebred. A premium-quality canned or dried food is recommended. Full details of the brands recommended by Costa Pakhet are included with the Pakhet welcome pack. For each purchases from our recommended suppliers, Costa Pakhet will receive a donation towards the care of future generations of Pakhet cats.

Pakhets are fully housetrained and do well with automatic cleaning litter boxes such as the Litter-lout; though their large size necessitates the extra large model. Due to its warm climate ancestry, your Pakhet will appreciate an electrically heated cat bed, again in the extra-large size. These are available from Costa Pakhet in colours and patterns to co-ordinate with your cat.


The Pakhet is priced at $35,000, plus any applicable sales or importation taxes. Payment is due at time of order. Following payment, we will specially breed your Pakhet from carefully chosen parents. The delivery date from receipt of payment is therefore 9-12 months. Customers who simply can’t wait to own an Pakhet may be offered selected kittens from other Pakhet purchasers’ breeding pairings at an additional cost of $6,000. Why an additional cost and not a discount? Costa Pakhet is reluctant to home kittens and this additional cost is your promise to us that the kitten will be well cared for and not an impulse buy. It will also pay for special early age spay or neuter surgery using keyhole techniques that require a minimum of shaving so your kitten arrives with no unsightly bare patches.

All Pakhet cats and kittens are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Genetic Health that will include an image of each kitten’s DNA profile and by an itemised receipt showing how your $35,000 has been spent on the care of your Pakhet before it is delivered to you.


All Pakhet kittens are hand delivered to their new owners and hand carried on the transporting aircraft by a Costa Pakhet representative. For deliveries outside of the USA, airlines do not permit animals in the cabin. To ensure your prized Pakhet is not transported in the cargo hold, Costa Pakhet will hire a private charter jet.

The total cost of delivery within the United States is approximately $1,500; outside of the USA we will quote you by location including the hire of a private jet. You wouldn’t want the rarest breed in the world to be treated as common cargo, would you?

The following are included in the purchase price of your Pakhet kitten:

* Full schedule of vaccinations, including the Costa Pakhet “future proofing” vaccination against genetically engineered sterility viruses (for Pakhets despatched to Australia).
* Spaying or neutering to save you the worry of unexpected kittens
* Microchip and ear tattoo stating location of microchip
* Twelve months premium veterinary health insurance
* Electronic climate controlled cat carrying cage, certified for use on all world airlines.
* Veterinary Health Certificate (required for travel)
* One set of vinyl nail caps already applied and a year’s supply of replacements.
* A welcome pack of premium cat/kitten food, sable-trimmed cat toys, high-altitude high-potency Costa Pakhet brand catnip and scratching tree made using organically produced rope.
* One year guarantee that begins from the moment of conception plus optional follow-on 0ne year guarantee that commences at the point when the Pakhet is handed over to you, the owner.
* 10 Year consultation access to our internationally recognized animal behaviourist (Pakhet owners outside of the USA will pay extra for home consultations).

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