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Ashley Alexandra Dupre is 22, hot, and also a hooker. Ashley Alexander Dupre had former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer as a client. Prostitution being illegal and all, he had to resign when he got busted. Sad.

Just 22 years old, Ashley Alexandra Dupre (better known as Kristen), is an unwitting star in a steamy drama that took down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Kristen, described in an affidavit as having a February 13 rendezvous with Eliot Spitzer at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, has spent the last few days in her ninth-floor rental in an upscale New York apartment.

According to the New York Times, Ashley Alexandra Dupre made a brief appearance in court Monday as a witness in the case against four people charged with operating the infamous prostitution ring known as Emperor’s Club V.I.P.

In a series of telephone interviews Tuesday and today, Ashley Alexandra Dupre said she had slept little over the past week due to the stress from the case.

“I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster,” the pretty New Jersey native - 5-foot-5 and 105 pounds - said as she revealed the tiniest tidbits of her story.

Born Ashley Youmans but now known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre or “Kristen,” she spoke softly, with good humor, and added with significant understatement:

“This has been a very difficult time. It is complicated.”

Ashley Alexandra Dupre has not been charged as of this post.The lawyer appointed to represent her, Don D. Buchwald, told a judge in court on Monday that she was subpoenaed to testify in a grand jury investigation.

Eliot Spitzer, who is married to Silda Spitzer and has three teenage daughters, announced today that he will resign as governor effective Monday.

If you scan the MySpace site, you will find many happy girls next door types. One of which is Ashley Alexandra Dupre, who was identified by The New York Times identified as the woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer story. On her MySpace,, it says: "I am all about my music and my music is all about me. It flows from what I've been through, what I've seen and how I feel." Ms. Dupre mentions Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill among a long list of influences, including her brother, Kyle.

A specific episode that made prostitution real to me was when I found out that a former roommate of mine worked for an escort service. The topic came up while we were watching the Julia Roberts film Pretty Woman, and my friend, whom I'll call Nikki, proceeded to inform me about how the movie does not depict prostitution in the real world, but it makes for good entertainment.

Nicky grew up like any other child living in a Mormon home in Brooklyn, NY. When she was 14 and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Shortly after, she ran away from home, and her parents disowned her because she chose not to be a Mormon. By 16 she was married and had a child by about 19 or 20 she was divorced and her son was sent to live with Nicky's parents because her ex-husband was abusive. It was around this time that the drugs and alcohol started taking over, and prostitution was a way to get the money that she needed.

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