Bridget Powers

Bridget Powers (born October 11, 1980 in Boise, Idaho) is the pseudonym of an American erotic film actress with dwarfism. She is often credited as "Bridget the Midget" or with the alternate spelling "Bridget Powerz".

Her parents divorced when she was one year old. She had a number of operations between the ages of three and fourteen to correct bowed legs; the results left her with one straight leg and one that points to the left. As a result Powers has to wear a knee brace.

Powers was discovered at a Goth nightclub by a man who was working as a make-up artist for a gothic vampire adult movie.

She was a co-host on Ed Powers' radio show Bedtime Stories. She is also in a band named Blakkout.

She once told Howard Stern on his radio show that she always wanted to be tall when she was young.

In addition to her erotic film roles, she has appeared in mainstream films such as 8mm, S.W.A.T., Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and independent films such as Tiptoes. She also appeared, as herself, in an episode of the talk show The Roseanne Show.

She appeared as herself in the 2002 HBO documentary series Cathouse which explored the lives of the owners, management, staff and customers of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Mound House, Nevada. As "Bridget the Midget", she was featured in an episode of the History Channel series Wild West Tech. In 2006, she appeared on an episode of VH1's celebrity reality show, The Surreal Life.

She is mentioned in the Bloodhound Gang song "I´m the least you could do".

Bridget the Midget
She's 3ft9in, sucks midgets off for wine and shoots eggs from her ass
By Words: James Doorne

August 2004

Bridget the Midget is one of the most infamous names in porn. She has been in such films as Whack Attack 8: Straight Up Their Candy Asses!, Mechanical Elf, Little Fuckers, Pint Size Pussy, Only The A-Hole 7, Cellar Dweller 4 and Sodomania: Slop Shots 4. Classy, huh?

Should I call you a midget or a dwarf?

I am comfortable whatever you say. My name is Bridget the Midget. If I was in a major motion picture I would want to be billed as 'Bridget the Midget portraying herself'. That is my name and that is what I am comfortable with.

And how short are you?


Sadly, you have retired from the porn industry, haven't you.

Yeah. I heard if you catch HIV your test can still be negative for five years and that scared me, so I quit.

Is it harder to shake off diseases when you are a midget?

Being a little person means that whatever I do in life I feel it more. I get sick more, I have to to run faster, you have to eat harder. Everything affects us more, emotionally and physically.

Is it true that you used to be a sword-swallower?

It is true, but not true.

What does that mean?

I used to perform at Renaissance fairs when I was about 14 years old. At the fair there were rides and foods and customers who just want to have a good time. I went there with my sister and that was how I got the name Bridget. I was called Bridget McMurphy; I was supposed to be an Irish wench.

I bet that was hard for you.

That was how I got the name.

You must have been really popular. A fire-breathing, teenage dwarf! Wow!

I am just known for being Bridget the Midget. People don't talk about that part of my past or even know about it.

I think people mostly know you as a porn star.

Definitely. I have done more than anybody ever has and maybe ever will. I think that is because I was happy and comfortable with what I was doing.

Were you never frightened from a physical point of view?

A few times. Once I did a film with a guy who had a penis of nearly a foot and a half and it scared me. That is like a 6ft-tall woman being impaled on a 3ft traffic cone. How does that work? We give birth to children, don't we?

Some of your films look like they are defying the laws of physics.

It is regular sex just like anyone else.

Are you going to be able to give birth to a normal child?

There is a 25 per cent chance that it will be a little person. Babies generally are.

Do you think you'd be able to take a regular-sized child to full-term?

I'd probably have a Caesarean and be bedridden for the last few months. I might have to have the child early. I'd like to make as many of my dreams come true before I have children but I am physically fit so I'd try my hardest. I could cope; I am a tough cookie.

I know that you are a tough cookie; you shot eggs out of your butt in your first ever movie.

I was a butt double.

Run that by me again...

The young lady couldn't do it and I said, "I will do it," because I have a small butt.


I used Halloween eggs.


They are not that much different to a toy. I thought you were squeezing real eggs out of your butt like a hen laying them or something.

They shot out so fast that if you were looking it would hurt your eye.

I must have a tight bum.

How did you get into porn?

I was dancing at a gothic club aged 17. A guy wrote his number down for me. When I called him he said he was a make-up guy on a gothic vampire porn film. I went along and ended up in the film.

In your films how much of the time do you spend dressed up as leprechauns and other little-people stereotypes?

I never do that. Never. I refuse. I was always a sexy diva doing my thing. I was proving to the world that you don't have to dress midgets up, you can look at them and admit, "Wow, I am attracted to that."

Are any of your relatives small people?

No, just me. My parents divorced when I was one, I think my father got scared.

Because of you being a dwarf?

My father thought I was going to be an ugly freak. But now I have shown that I am a sexy, beautiful woman who can do many things.

Was it hard growing up?

Absolutely. No matter what, if you look different, growing up is going to be very difficult. People point and laugh and do anything they can to undermine you. You can do one of three things. You can let it happen. You can cry and get depressed and run away. Or you can stand up for yourself and say, "I am going to fit in and be cool."

When did you realise you were different?

My mum taught me when I was little that I was different and she would tell me that one day everyone would love me. When I was in second and third grade people started passing me in height and then in fourth grade people started to be cruel. By sixth grade it was terrible. By the time I was in high school people started to understand it. They would still make fun of me but it was better that they understood it. Now my friends are all cool and everything is fine.

Do people fetishise your being a dwarf? It must be like being rich, where you don't know if people love you as a person.

Everyone wants to be different; punks, metalheads, they all want to be different. I have something no-one else has. When they see that I am happy and sexy and free then you can be loved as yourself. I am happy.

Why do small people get fetishised?

I think people fantasise when they see dwarves or children because they are like dolls. People love dolls. If you see something small and beautiful it is like a bonsai tree. It is unique. When people see me that is what they see.

Are you a member of the Little People of America?

I was but I am not any more.

Why not?

They don't like what I do; they think I am a porn star. They do not believe I am fighting for their right to prove that little people can be funny and sexy and cool. I wish I could go still to their convention. I used to be in charge of telling little people to go out and do what they want, but they didn't think that was cool because I got drunk. I partied and they told me that wasn't acceptable. Verbally I was told, please don't come back until you are 21, you are no longer a team coordinator, you are just like everyone else. I wish there was an alternative. They are very closed-minded and afraid. I was in major motion pictures.

Do you get patronised a lot?

Yes. Everyone stares at blind people or a person in a wheelchair. I want to change that. I want people to see me and go, "Look, a sexy midget!"

You are the sexiest midget in the world - apart from Rachel Stevens and Gauge.

I think that if I had plastic surgery I would be fucking gorgeous.

Would you have that done?

Only correcting my face when I got old. If I had the money I would fix my knee so I didn't have to wear a knee brace. I had 13 operations from when I was three to about 14.

What for?

I had bowed legs and they operated to correct it but now both legs bend the same way. One leg is straight but one still bends to the left. I have a perfect ass, a perfect pussy, perfect tits, a perfect stomach, a perfect back, perfect hair and a perfect face. Everything's perfect apart from my left knee.

Would you want to be normal-sized?

No way. Everyone tries to be different and I am very happy to be who I am. I wish and I pray to God that my left knee was perfect but I guess there is no perfection.

There isn't much competition from other beautiful midgets is there?

No, but if there was I would want to team up or meet them. Or go on tour with them. Or do a TV show with them. Like The Simple Life. If you ever meet any competition then give them my number.

Do you think the others are ugly?

Maybe. I have met beautiful, sexy ones. I want to meet someone who wants to make money and do things. I want to be an entrepreneur. Sex is the greatest thing in the world, you know why? Because it is the only industry you can get into where you can walk away with what you have just sold.

Some people are damaged by it though.

Not me. I grew up very Catholic. And I grew up Christian. And I grew up Jehovah's Witness. And I grew up Christian again. Now I don't have a religion, it's all bull. Basically we should all love each other.

How do you drive?

I drive a Ford Escort with extensions. It is an automatic. I have a little raised pad to sit on.

What do you do at bachelor parties?

I do my burlesque show. I sing 10 songs. I strip to the first four. The next two, I walk around, introduce myself and do lapdances. Then for the other songs it depends on the audience. If they are really, really naughty I will do a toy show. If they are not naughty at all then I will just embarrass the bachelor.

How naughty do they have to be for the toy show?

Naughty, naughty, naughty for the toy show. I walk around with a hat and I tell them if they are really naughty and five of them will put $20 in the hat then I will do the toy show. I know how to get my money.

How many of those have you done?

About 25. I am sure there are more people who want me but they just don't know how to reach me.

Feel free to use this like a free ad. How much do you charge?

I charge about $750. Actually, $500 local and $750 anywhere else. Plus hotel expenses. I know how to get my money.

Are you happy that you were in Runaway Midget: Midget In A Suitcase?

Yeah, why not? Why wouldn't I want to be in that? I can get in a suitcase and that is why I did it.

Can we talk about I Swallow 6? Could you run me through that infamous scene?

I don't remember. I have been in more porn films than anyone else ever. I can't remember them all.

It says on the cover that you played a fairy princess opposite a folk-singing freak.

I do a lot of fairy princesses and clowns but I make everything sexy.

Sexy clowns?

I dressed up as a clown. I was so sexy. I had a heart on my cheek. Full-on blonde wig. And a tutu.

That is scaring the shit out of me. I am not saying you aren't sexy - you are the most attractive midget I've ever spoken to - just that sounds freaky.

If someone wants me to do something weird I will ask for more money and then I will make it extra sexy.

Clowns and sex don't mix. Do you ever sneak up on people? Hide in tiny places?

No! I do normal things, I don't do any of that stupid midget stuff.

Maybe I am just childish but I think I'd do it.

You are childish. If you were a midget for your whole life you wouldn't want to do it. If you were a midget for just one day, you might want to do it.

If someone stared at me because I was a midget I would want to go across the road and bite them or something.

That is an overreaction. If kids are being mean I go over and say something and they will stop. If kids are smiling I will go over there and smile back and say, "Hi, how are you doing?" It is a very, very hard life. It is like having cerebral palsy or a wheelchair. You do as much as you can to make people accept you.

I think I would take it badly.

Why? They've never seen a midget before, they think it is fairytale and they don't know how to react. I feel like a celebrity somehow.

When was the first time you saw another midget?

When I went to the Little People of America [LPA] for the first time.

How old were you?

I was four years old. You know why they really kicked me out of the LPA? At a recent LPA conference I was in a hotel room, giving head to about 10 midgets. The rooms were interconnected and all these guys were there with me. All these midgets were giving me wine and I was giving them head. Someone walked in and they told me I couldn't come back. There was one very famous midget there who was like a tripod. His dick is so big. His inside leg is 11in and his dick is 12in; it hangs like a third leg. If he bends over a little bit it touches the ground. Most little people have small wangs but they look big on them because they are so small.

Is this person who we cannot name the most famous person that you have ever had sex with?

No way! I used to work at the Bunny Ranch as a host but I am not allowed to talk about it.

Can you even hint at one?

No. I can't, you will print it.

I won't. I promise.

You promise?


I still can't talk about it. Sorry.

Will you reveal all in your memoirs?

I can't talk about it. They will kill me. I would die. I am a ho, a prostitute. I am not allowed to talk about it, my life would be in jeopardy.

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