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Hear a Who? A green-egg-and-ham eating, book-reading Who, perhaps? Today’s “Read Across America” day - the National Education Association’s salute to literacy and Dr. Seuss‘ birthday fest all rolled into one. (Well, Seuss’ birthday was actually yesterday, March 2, but this is a school celebration, so bear with us here.) “Guest readers” and local celebs are reading Dr. Seuss’ famous books in classrooms cross country, and kids are digging into platters of green eggs and ham this very minute.

If you’re looking for a little green breakfast inspiration of your own, you might want to check out this striking photo, then dish up a few emerald-tinged scrambles of your own, courtesy of the Seussville web site. Or make a few Whos (thank you, Family Fun) to wile away the time till the new “Horton Hears a Who” movie comes out on the 14th.
Today I thought we’d tip our hats to reading’s top cat.

Sunday marked the birthday of the late Theodor Seuss Geisel, the man who taught us to read, to love books and turned whimsical characters into our friends. Schools across the country are serving green eggs and ham and holding birthday parties to honor Dr. Seuss. Guest readers will pop into schools and share some of their favorite books.

It’s easy to forget the impact of Dr. Seuss. He famously wrote “The Cat in the Hat” following a challenge from his publisher. That publisher read a national report showing most schoolchildren had trouble reading because their books were boring.

Can you imagine what schools and books would be like without Dr. Seuss? What is your favorite Seuss character and book?

Here’s an ode I once wrote to Dr. Seuss:

Kids would not read in a boat.
They would not read in a moat.
They would not read what so easily bored,
What felt like chores and brought on snores.
They would not, could not read those old shams
‘Til Seuss made it fun with his friend Sam I Am.

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