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Dogwood festival signs Eddie Money

Eddie Money performs during a Hard Rock Live fundraiser last week in Orlando, Fla.

Eddie Money will be one of two headlining performers at this year’s Dogwood Festival; the other remains a tightly guarded secret for now.

“We’ve never had two national-level, co-headlining acts before,” said Zack May, the Dogwood Festival’s head of marketing and communications.

Carrie King, the festival’s executive director, said Money was chosen to headline April 25, the first night of the weekend festival, to help bolster the event’s musical appeal.

“Eddie Money helps us raise the bar of the festival as a whole. It’s our goal to grow each year,” King said.

King said she believed Money would be a better draw than last year’s Friday night act, Nantucket, a hard-rock band with origins in North Carolina.

“Eddie’s a good pull for us. He’s what rock ‘n’ roll is all about,” King said. “This will give everyone something they can come out for — depending on your tastes.”

If Money is a bit rock ‘n’ roll, does that mean Saturday night’s headliner would be a bit country?

Not necessarily.

“It’s not a country artist. It’s someone you’d hear on Q98,” King said.

The headliner for Saturday — as part of Cumulus Broadcasting’s Q98 Saturday Nights Alive — will be announced Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the Dogwood Festival Media Day.

Money had a string of Top 40 hits throughout the 1970s and ’80s, including Top 10 singles “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Walk on Water.” His performance will be at the Dogwood Festival’s Bloom & Boom Kickoff Party from 7 to 10 p.m., presented by Bud Light and WFLB 96.5 The Drive, a Beasley Broadcast Group station.

As long as drought conditions don’t worsen and the weather cooperates, the performance will end with a fireworks display.

Money originally was intent on following in his father’s footsteps and enrolled in the New York Police Academy during the early 1970s. He attended classes during the day and performed at clubs and bars at night.

Money had several other singles reach Billboard’s charts, including “I Wanna Go Back,” “The Love In Your Eyes,” “Peace In Our Time,” “Heaven In The Back Seat,” “She Takes My Breath Away” and “I’ll Get By.”
I know, generally you hear the phrase “like father, like son”. But it’s truly the reverse when you look at Super (soon to be Alpha) pimp Eddie Long and his “spiritual son” (and well trained pimp) Andre Landers.

You see, Eddie’s got a new money making scheme “sowing opportunity” that he’s making available to the hard working men and women of God, and it’s called “Beyond Tomorrow”. Eddie says:

“Beyond Tomorrow is our opportunity to take ownership of the future. God is moving us out of our comfort zone to expand the impact and influence of our ministry. Now is the time to respond with faith, obedience, and sacrifice”.

Ahh, sacrifice. I knew that was coming. “Sacrifice what” you ask? Well, Eddie says:

“A sacrificial financial commitment is one that will affect your lifestyle. It will cost you something! This is a two year commitment, therefore I encourage you to join me…”

There you have it - Eddie wants your money. Again. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of Lithonia, GA claims to be a worldwide ministry that affects the lives of millions around the globe. Over thirty thousand members claim membership to the church, and each of them pay tithes, offering, love offering, etc. ON A WEEKLY BASIS.

So, why would Eddie be asking you and me for MORE MONEY to do “Kingdom work”? What is he doing with the millions that pass through his hands every year? Wait - that question was answered several years ago. Moving on…

Eddie goes on to ask you for a “first fruit” offering, then a two year commitment to aid in his “Kingdom work”. Our friend Independent Conservative already exposed the “first fruit” scam, so remember that this “offering” GOES DIRECTLY TO THE PASTOR.

I carefully reviewed the “commitment card”, and I suddenly remember that I had seen this before. Andre Landers, pastor of New Birth South Metropolitan Church of Hampton, GA (Eddie’s “son”, remember?) did the same thing when he was building his $22 million dollar church a few years ago (the church opened a month ago, and has been losing money since they unlocked the doors).

As I’ve said before - as a point of full disclosure, I was “submitted” to pimp Landers in ordained ministry for several years before I repented before the Lord and fled his assembly while I still had my dignity.

What Long and Landers don’t advertise, however, is that they also share the same philosophy regarding benevolence for their members in need. I speak as someone who worked in benevolence and saw this first hand: members in need were only given $300 ONCE A YEAR if:

They were a tither at the church AND
Were members in good standing (regularly in attendance) for 6 months to 1 year AND
They enrolled in a money management class

While there were people who “played the system” by going from church to church looking for money to solve their poor management problems, most people had a genuine need, and we turned them away if they didn’t meet ALL of the criteria I listed above. Unless, of course, they “knew someone” who could “grease the wheels” and make something happen - fast.

Again, I’ve repented before the Lord and moved as far away from both of these pimps and their diabolical plans as I could.

So, in this case the father really did learn from the son. And the end result is still the same - YOU lose more of your money to foolishness and pimpery.

These wolves are becoming more and more brazen in their extortion attempts - and they remain successful in “shaking you down”.

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Sorry Paul - these pimps don’t have time to teach about grace giving or giving from the heart to our brothers and sisters who are in need…

There’s money to be made here.