Kim Myles - Design Star

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Kim Myles appears as a contestant in season two of the HGTV reality series Design Star. She is 34 years old and a native of Queens, New York. Myles has earned an associate’s degree in performing arts from the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, and works as a hairstylist and a design enthusiast. She says that a designer’s best friends are courage and imagination, and that her own secret weapon is her sense of humor. She describes her design style as boiling down to global-urban elegance, and her other favorite styles are contemporary, modern, and bohemian chic. She says that color and texture are vital design elements, and that bare white walls should definitely be avoided.

Her favorite room to design is the bedroom, since she says that you can push the whimsy and drama envelope there. Her dream design project would be a loft with an outside terrace, and if she wins the chance to do her own show, it would be one that focuses on giving small spaces much larger impact. She says that the show’s tone would be fun, urban, young, and glamorous. Apart from designing, which she learned without any formal training, she also works to create various items such as lamps, jewelry, pillows, and clothing.

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