Manson Murders

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Author Thomas Chi's thrilling murder mystery series is inspired by the life of Marilyn Manson and his worldwide popularity as one of the most controversial figures in modern rock music. Chi, a computer science expert, has written a series from the viewpoint of Evangelical Christians, government agencies and fans.

Taking on the pseudonym Pastor Paul Sherman in the first book of the series, "Marilyn Manson Murders," Chi cleverly intertwines fact and fiction beginning with the coincidental arrivals of President George Bush and Marilyn Manson in Detroit, MI on July 23, 2003; Bush, in town to speak to autoworkers in Dearborn and Manson, to perform at Ozzfest.

Written like a Christian novel, "Marilyn Manson Murders" follows the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) as the agency fictionally searches for serial killer Danny Jameson, who's been killing drug dealers at Manson concerts across the country and attempting to assassinate Marilyn Manson.

The FBI captures Jameson in New York and asks for assistance from Pastor Sherman, who insists Manson risked the life of President Bush while in Detroit. (Factually one month after Michigan, Manson is later officially banned by Christian movement Kingdom Bound and is the only musician prohibited from playing Ozzfest near Buffalo, New York on August 11, 2003. He then proclaims himself the Antichrist.)

"Marilyn Manson Kills: Confessions from Marilyn Manson's Assassin," second in the fictional series, is told from the prison cell of Danny Jameson where he explains why he went on the international killing spree: to avenge the death of his Manson obsessed girlfriend, Angela Ulster, who died from a drug overdose. So distraught from the loss, Jameson became fanatical believing he was being followed by Manson's twin, a Freudian doppelganger. Jameson also believes Pastor Sherman's involvement is to push a Christian agenda. Book two is written to be reminiscent of Mozart's "Don Giovanni."

Book three, written as a memoir, "Marilyn Manson Destroys by Jennifer Sherman," brings to light the abusive nature of Pastor Sherman toward his granddaughter. Renounced by her parents from lies told by her grandfather, Jennifer runs off with a man named Roman Sucha. After being tossed aside by Sucha, she enters the harsh world of stripping and pornography chronicled through hundreds of photos.

The fourth book, "Studying Marilyn Manson: Groupies, School Violence and Bullying" examines the research behind the previous three murder mysteries.

If you cannot handle the truth of this matter, you're not alone. Many who write articles and blog posts about these murders either mention the murders with descriptive words or they delicately dance around the subject, preferring to psychoanalyze the whole situation.

The family members of these victims had their loved ones killed, then attended funerals, along with nightmares over the years, flashbacks, constant media coverage, and have attended parole hearings of these murderers for 40 years now. To the family members of the victims, this is not a story, it is their reality.

There is one manson family member who is very close, dare I say it, to getting parole: Leslie Van Houten. She and another family member are up again for parole in 2009.

These cold blooded ruthless killers were given the death sentence. Their sentences were overturned in 1972 when the Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional. This decision was not related to the case. These killers were then given life in prison and that is where they should stay.

The victims and their families will never come up for parole, at least not in this lifetime. I do think forgiveness is essential in any situation to maintain one's sanity, however forgiving these people and having them living out among society is two very different things.

These murderers, while in prison have got married, had children, wrote and/or co-authored books, got degrees and so on. Many of them have been model prisoners and completed every program available in the prison system. I think they have been priviledged and went on do to things that their environment promoted.

Just like when they were in the company of Charles Manson, they did everything to their ability and desire that the situation promoted. These people at one time blamed Charles Manson and his influence as to why the killers did what they did. But that is much too simple of a statement, a suface statement that does not even begin to break the ice. Charles Manson picked these people to do what they did because there was an element or several contained within them already before these people ever took on Manson's philosophies. They were already killers in their hearts waiting to be given the permission slip. And this is exactly what happened.

Many people have had horrible childhoods and tragic events happen in their lives, yet they don't go on to murder people. Many people have done as many drugs as these folks have, even more, and have not gone on to murder people. This element of murder was already contained within them waiting for the right moment or the right person to be the catalyst for what their hearts already desired.

So if, in viewing this video you are disturbed and upset, you should be. I ask you to look at the inhuman terror and horror inflicted on these people and ask you to place yourself in the shoes of the victims' family members. What if this was one of your loved ones?

You may not be able to handle this video or the thoughts of this for five minutes, imagine dealing with this for 40 years. Imagine your whole life being lived around the events of this night, and dealing with the aftermath of this and continually having to relive it at every parole hearing for these people for 40 years. How would you feel?

I can't imagine what torture that would be. I would not ask you to hold hate in heart, as hard as this would be. If you feel hatred towards these people or want to do physical harm to them, then how much different would you be from them? Forgiving would be the hardest thing to do but it may very well keep your sanity in tact. No matter how much one can forgive, can you ever really forget? Would you really want to run into these people on the "outside"? Could you contain yourself if you saw one of them, now in their 60's and 70's, wrinkled and graying?

Let these people continue the work they are doing in helping others but let it be behind bars. Let them show other prisoners, especially the younger ones how to live life as best they can behind bars. When all is said and done, all the work combined by these killers will never make up for those two fatal nights in 1969.

The reason the brutality of these nights is constantly relived in much detail at every parole hearing is because it really was that brutal. It really was that horrific and unbelievable. You can't sugarcoat shit!

These killers were not satisfied with one night of death and destruction, so they felt the need to head out for another night of death and destruction. They took the lives of people ranging in ages from 8 and 1/2 months old to 44 years old. Man, woman, child, it did not matter to them.

It is more than forgiveness and letting go. If these people, as they have claimed, truly have found God and are remorseful, then that is wonderful, but it does not matter. Why? Because even if they are changed, living in different bodies now, with different morals and thoughts they STILL have to pay the price of their "former selves." We all do in some way, shape or form. We all make decisions (not as bad as this, I pray) that come back to haunt us years or even decades later. We all in some way, pay the price of our "former selves."

There will never be total justice for this case, which is why we must pursue the MOST justice available and in this case, it will be life in prison.

On a personal note, I would like to say I don't know how the families have made it this far without losing their minds. Just putting this video together was a terrible experience for me. I lost sleep and had nightmares during the process. But the only process that ever matters is reality. And this is the families' reality. I thought you should experience it, if only for a few minutes.

If any of these people are released from prison, there will be a fule scale riot here in the United States calling for their heads, or there will be some nut nut who wants their 15 minutes of fame, forever associated with the Manson case and will kill them.

If justice is not served to its full potential in this case, then what are we saying to the youth of America? Or to any American? You can brutally slay as many people as you want, do about 40 years of prison time and as long as you pursue education, complete all available programs in the prison and claim to have found God, you will probably be paroled.

Fuck that! These killers should come up for parole when the victims do. Can you calculate that?