Marine Puppy

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HONOLULU — Military officials are investigating an Internet video that purports to show a Marine throwing a puppy off a rocky cliff.

I've watched the video. The one thing I can determine for sure -- the puppy is definitely not alive. How do I know that? Because it was silent was when the Marine was holding up by the nape of its neck. This isn't an experiment I would recommend because it would really hurt a puppy, so take my word for it -- being held by the nape of the neck is very painful for a puppy and it will definitely not be quiet.

Then, to make it even more fake, the puppy yelps like crazy while it is flying through the air. So, what do we have? Well, to coin a phrase made popular by John Kerry, "a botched joke". A bad, tasteless botched joke? Definitely. But, it appears to me that the people who are quick to call the Marine a murderer are incapable of five seconds of logic. Cashing out!


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