Ohio Primary Results

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OK, I’ve switched to alternating between Texas/Ohio and Vermont/Rhode Island every 15 minutes instead of doing both every half hour.

Here are the results from Ohio:

Democrats with 26% reporting:

Clinton 332,829 58%
Obama 228,973 40%

Republicans with 23% reporting:

McCain 196,239 59% 61 delegates
Huckabee 105,210 32%
Paul 15,421 5%


Democrats with 10% reporting (too close to call):

Obama 636,443 51%
Clinton 604,325 48%

Republicans with 11% reporting:

McCain 312,463 55% 70 delegates
Huckabee 188,835 33%
Paul 27,152 5%
Uncommitted 8,302 2%

For an easy and current way to track voting results in Ohio, visit our sister station Ohio News Now for the latest information.
The polls are open in Ohio and voters are facing bad weather including freezing rain and threats of flooding.
Recent polls showed that Hillary Clinton had a slight lead over Barack Obama prior to Tuesday's primary.
Obama has closed the gap in recent days.
Union and blue-collar workers along with senior citizens are expected to be key to a Clinton victory in Ohio.
Voting polls in Ohio close at 6:30 p.m. Central Time

Ohio Polls

Suffolk (Mar. 1 - Mar. 2):

* Obama 40%
* Clinton 52%

Quinnipac (Feb.27 - Mar.2):

* Obama 45%
* Clinton 49%

PPP (Mar. 1 - Mar. 2):

* Obama 42%
* Clinton 51%

* McCain 50%
* Huckabee 33%
* Paul 10%

Reuters - CSPAN - Zogby(Feb. 29 - Mar. 2):

* Obama 47%
* Clinton 45%

* McCain 61%
* Huckabee 28%
* Paul 5%

Rasmussen (Mar. 2):

* Obama 44%
* Clinton 50%

Survey USA (Mar. 1 - Mar. 2):

* Obama 44%
* Clinton 54%

* McCain 58%
* Huckabee 29%
* Paul 4%

Ohio exit poll data:

9.30amPST - Bad weather is closing schools and workplaces in Ohio. Despite this, turnout is high at general election levels. Amazing for a primary. The tendency we have seen elsewhere is that bad weather will depress turnout in the country where Hillary is strongest and accentuate Obama’s strength in the city. As a corollary, it will make it more difficult for those people taking exit polls to get into the rural areas. Therefore, the first wave early date that we will report might be way off.

10.amPST - The Zogby polling firm may turn out to be a genius or way off. Zogby is the only election day polling firm to have this as a dead heat.

1:12 EST - I just got off the phone with my friend who is a chairman for the Ohio Democratic Party. As of right now he has not seen any early exit poll results. His feeling is that Hillary basically has this locked up. He did mention that he is sitting in a room with a bunch of DNC lawyers who are waiting on bated breath to rush out to challenge any voting problems, but so far it hs been pretty quiet. He did say that some of the ballots from one county have a tag that says “Do not remove or your vote will not count” that were promptly being removed by the election workers. Makes you wonder what that is all about. My friend will update me as soon as he hears any early results. BTM

3pm - Weather a factor - very heavy sleet and snow in Cleveland, Obama’s largest base of support. Cincinnati is now clear weather where Clinton is stronger.

3:25 EST - Heard from my Ohio Dem party official. No numbers yet, but he told me a funny story about some Obama supporters were turned away as poll watchers because they did not have proper credentials. Also, despite poor weather, voter turn out has been real high, he is predicting about 50% turn out. More info coming soon.

4.30pm - Quote of the day from Cindy McCain in speaking about her sons in the military. “A lot of people are talking about that call at 3am. When it comes, I want him [John McCain] taking that call for my son.”

5:15 - CLINTON INTERNALS FOR OHIO . . . Clinton 49 Obama 46, Clinton expects to gain about 8 delegates overall.

5:40 - Early exit results coming soon - here are some early demographics - Self-described independants were about 1/5 voters in the Democratic primary and one in seven in the GOP primary. The source for this is the AP. So, depending on which theory you subscribe to this would suggest to me that Obama is helped more by this. We’ll see shortly.

5:45 - More demographics - 6/10 Dems say that the economy is their top issue and 8 of 10 said trade eliminates more jobs then it creates. Again, this would tend to help Obama more since Pres. Clinton signed NAFTA into law, however the recent flap with Canada may counter-act that to some degree.

5:55 - AP reports that Obama leads amongst voters who find electibility and ability to inspire important, Hillary leads on having more detailed policy.

7.45 EST - A number of exit polls have Obama winning Ohio by either +1 or +2. However, the HRC camp is adamant that these polls are not right and that Clinton will win by +3 in Ohio.

8.30 EST - (Note this post is updated by multiple bloggers). My data has Hillary winning Ohio by mid-high single digits and that is that.

10.15pm - Right Pundits calls Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democrat primary in Ohio. The late votes from Cleveland will not make up the difference. I fully expect the networks will play with the contest for another hour or so because it is good for ratings and the exit polls were close, but still favoring Hillary. The final will not even be very close. (Call by McCain at 10.15pm)

By the way, CNN is posting data publicly here.

(March 4th, 2008.)

Republican Primary Results (Ohio):

Huckabee will drop out this week and endorse McCain.
President George Bush expected to formally endorse McCain tomorrow.

Democrat Primary Results (Ohio):

10.15pm - Right Pundits calls Hillary the winner of the Democrat primary in Ohio. The late votes from Cleveland will not make up the difference.

(March 4th, 2008.)


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