Pancreatic cancer a brutal killer

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is virtually the equivalent of a death sentence.
Patrick Swayze cancer reports confirmed

American medical studies show that the median survival for untreated advanced cancer of the pancreas is about three-and-a-half months.

Good treatment extends that out to six months.

Most pancreatic cancer patients are dead within the first year.

The pancreas is a small organ inside the abdomen which produces enzymes to digest food and secretes hormones which control body sugar levels.

Around 30 per cent of pancreatic cancer cases are estimated to be caused by smoking, studies show.

Common symptoms of the cancer include appetite loss, weight loss, upset stomach and nausea. The most common physical sign can be jaundice.

The cancer has few treatments available.

Most medical treatment currently involves caring for the patient and minimising pain, while assisting family.

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