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Britney Spears makes an impact tomorrow night on Bravo’s reality show Make Me a Supermodel.

But you don’t actually see her. In fact, she’s not even mentioned.

Here's what happens: During the episode, Supermodel contestant Perry Ullmann (above) gets a call from his live-in girlfriend, Amanda Pagel.

This week, the National Enquirer ran a story claiming that Pagel might have been the other woman in Spears' relationship with Adnan Ghalib.

“You need to listen to me,” Pagel tells Ullmann. “There is a huge story about me that has blown up in the media, and I just want you to know that it’s not true and that you heard it from me first. Unfortunately, you will be affected by this.”

Pagel refuses to give any more details, which leads Ullmann to ask, “Is something going on?”

“I’m thinking about you and I’ll talk to you soon,” Pagel says before hanging up.

Poor guy. He calls her back and leaves a message. “This is just so hard on me,” he said. “I’m trying to do this for us.”

A rep for Bravo said Ullmann probably still doesn’t know what is going on, because he and the other contestants have been completely sequestered in a New York City apartment without television, Internet or other access to the outside world since Jan. 4. Phone calls are few and far between.

The series is nine weeks into its 12-week run. In other words, if Ullmann makes it to the end, he may not know for another three weeks that he has become yet another player—whether he likes it or not—in the soap opera-like life of the world’s most famous pop princess.

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