Priscilla Presley Age

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It is a new season, so while I quit last time when the listening audience strangely booted Sabrina off and kept two who had 2 left feet...I thought I would try again this season. So, I watched the show last night. Tonight it will be the women who square off.

Now, admittedly not having seen what the women can do..I already say that having Priscilla Presley on there at her advanced age is a mistake. She won't last...only a sympathy vote will keep her there which I say again, is grossly unfair to the others who really struggle and know their dance for the week. I felt that way about Marie Osmond and Wayne Newton..both wooden and stiff like carved puppets. Does not matter whether I like them or not..I thought it was about learning and performing. But it isn't and I know that now.

Of the men last night, that magician whatisname with Kym is just not able. I don't think giving him time will work, just as it didn't with Billy Ray, Wayne and a host of others. And he talked too much. He even talked over the hosts of the show. And it wasn't amusing nor, in my opinion did it add anything. Someone put duct tape over that mouth.

I think Mario who is with Karina will possibly be the one to beat among the men. Just my thought. Jason who is with Edyta is another one with good possibilities. Christian and Cheryl Burke..we will see. Adam Corolla...MY Corolla out there in the driveway could do better. Steve Guttenburg..bless his heart. I will be curious to see who the audience out here in la la land all voted for. I think they will boot off two tonight.

Just my take on it so far. Whew. Someone over my shoulder here just said "Gee, why not just tell 'em what you think"? Wink

Meanwhile I am still waiting on the gas utility folks to come and mark in the yard where the gas line is. We are waiting well past the time they were supposed to be here. So, the landscaper is also waiting before he digs, of course. They are supposed to do that today and perhaps next week we can get started. Supposed to rain (of course) tomorrow. We are in exceptional drought so rain is a good thing but..I love the sun and too, it helps get outside work done.

Hope it has been a good or/and productive day for you all so far. For me..I kept myself from buying another pair of shoes that I SO don't need. Just call me Imelda.