Soleil Moon Frye

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Child star Soleil Moon Frye, also known as Punky Brewster the 80's hit television show, has made the headlines once again with her second child being born on Monday. The baby girl born to Frye and husband Jason Goldberg was named Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, as reported by She Knows.

Frye isn't the only 80's child star who keeps popping up in headlines and across the internet. Gary Coleman was another child star who had made his run through the years with popping up in the media ever now and then with his previous marriage that you can read more about at Gary Coleman and His Mystery Wife. Gary Coleman was famous for playing on Diff'rent Stokes.

Another one of my favorite child stars that seems to have made it to the big time and then dropped on his face to only be brought back into the limelight once again is the all too famous Charlie Sheen who played on the hit 80's movie Lucas as Cappie. Charlie Sheen has went on to play in several movies and television series but has also been in the media spotlight for his outrageous behavior and ugly divorce to Denise Richards and then another divorce to model Donna Peele.

Drew Barrymore was another child actor of the 80's who has seemed to keep her career alive for the most part between rumors of her being a drug addicted alcoholic which she had later admitted too. Drew Barrymore became famous with her role as Gertie in the hit movie E.T. and in Firestarter as the young girl named Charlie. Even though she may seem to be playing it cool, every now and then she will end up in the media with her strange taste in men or with a new movie. Barrymore is also known for playing in Never Been Kissed and Charlie's Angels as well as a lot of other movies.

As far as being a famous child star goes, there are some that make it like Drew Barrymore and Charlie Sheen, and then there are those like Garry Coleman who only catch a little bit of attention in the media when they do something so outrageous as marry someone and then keep it a secret.

There is nothing greater than seeing a child star make a comeback the way that some of these did but there is also nothing worse than seeing them fall flat on their face.

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