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A record-breaking crowd of green-clad revelers yesterday flocked to Southie to celebrate the city’s legendary St. Patrick’s Day parade as cops reported a peaceful celebration.

An estimated 1 million people turned Broadway into a river of emerald for the 107th annual event, said organizer John J. “Wacko” Hurley. He said the crowd estimate breaks last year’s high of 850,000.

“It was a great parade. We are very happy with the way things turned out,” he said. “Over a million people from all over the country came, the police told me.”

Crowds of families, couples, friends and children packed the sidewalks as the colorful and music-filled parade snaked from the Broadway T station up to Andrew station.

One special tribute came in the form of dozens of Marines marching in honor of their late Rockland comrade, Lance Cpl. Walter “Gator” O’Haire, who was killed in Iraq a year ago. Maureen O’Haire, his mom, took care of the platoon’s airfare and hotel rooms as a special way of remembering her son and recognizing the Marines’ proud service.

From traditional marching bands, flute-playing unicyclists to live bands and “Star Wars” characters, the parade boasted something for everyone.

Belgian Denis DeMaret, 30, visited the parade for the first time with his wife, Caroline, 28, and their 6-month-old daughter, Eleonore.

“It is a great atmosphere. Everyone seems happy. It’s wonderful,” said the Massachusetts General Hospital engineer.

“My daughter loves it. This is our first time here and it is great. It’s good for the community to get out and be together having fun like this,” said 33-year-old dad David Egan in Southie with his partner Karina, 34, and 3-year-old daughter Maya.

Jared Williams, 29, his wife, Katrina, 26, and their daughter Evelyn, 4, from Newton had a blast as the parade rumbled past them on Broadway.

“We are having a great time. This is our first time here but we had some friends come and decided to come down. The atmosphere is great and my daughter is having a great time!”

Police said there were no problems along the route, though they arrested 17 people for public drinking or disorderly behavior.

“Overall, the general sense is that people were well-behaved. It was billed as a family event and it was,” said Boston police spokesman Officer James Kenneally.

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