Street of Dreams Ablaze in Seattle

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At least four large homes are currently on fire in the "Street of Dreams" model home development near Seattle this morning. The fires are considered suspicious as they were set in multiple places in each of the separate homes.

Fire officials say that a sign saying ELF was found at the scene. ELF stands for the Earth Liberation Front, and they have claimed responsibility for other arson attacks, including one at the University of Washington in 2001.

Several homes were destroyed by a series of fires early this morning in a Street of Dreams neighborhood near Maltby in Snohomish County.

The fires, first reported about 4 a.m., were left to burn through the morning because firefighters were concerned about possible booby traps.

More than four hours after the fires were reported, the houses continued to burn and smolder.

Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating, according to Snohomish County District Seven Chief Rick Eastman.

Eastman said one is a total loss, and two homes are substantially damaged. He says fires were set at a total of six homes.

Due to a spray-painted message left on a sheet at the scene, the immediate theory is that the “eco-terrorist” group Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is responsible for the fire.

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