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TMTH abbreviated for TO MUCH TO HANDLE, first used exclusively by homosexual males in southern California frequently, now frequently used by many people of many different "categories".

TMTH can be used to describe something or someone negativity OR positively.

*Mattie is listening to Brittny's new album loudly while dancing sexualy*
Daphne:"Mattie you're being a little TMTH tonight."


*A kickback has been cancled after a group traveled 50 miles to reach it, the group arives and is informed*
Michelly:"This kickback is the definition of TMTH."

Danny Noriega — In the course of his embarrassing moment (being tripped at a movie theater), he gave us the phrase TMTH: too much to handle. Then he proceeded to be officially TMTH with his "Tainted Heart" rendition, which was all winks and nods and strutting and funny mouth movements. Watching him is serious sensory overload. Oh, and his hair was streaked purple. Randy didn't like it at the start but appreciated his confidence, Paula told him to keep being himself but minus the purple hair, and Simon hated everything about it.

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