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Wheel of Fortune (US game show)
Wheel of FortuneWheel of Fortune intertitle commemorating its 25th season.
Original airing September 19, 1983-presentExternal linksOfficial website Wheel of Fortune is a United States television game show created by Merv Griffin. Three contestants compete against each other to solve a word puzzle, similar to those seen in the game hangman. The name of the show comes from the large wheel that determines the dollar amounts and prizes won (or lost) by the contestants.The show first aired in 1975 on daytime network television. The current version has been syndicated in prime time access beginning on September 19, 1983, and has been the most watched syndicated program since May 1984. It is the longest-running syndicated game show in American television history, and the second-longest in either network or syndication (behind the current CBS version of The Price Is Right, which began airing in 1972). The show is produced by Sony Pictures Television and syndicated by CBS Television Distribution (which was formerly King World Productions).Pat Sajak and Vanna White have hosted this version of the show since its debut, and Charlie O’Donnell has been the show’s announcer since early 1989. Jack Clark served as the show’s announcer until his death in 1988.

Game play
Before taping begins, the players draw numbers to determine their positions on stage. Play proceeds from right to left from the contestant’s perspective: from the red player to yellow, then to blue, then back to red.

Retired Gameplay Elements
Wheel of Fortune has utilized a number of production elements in the past that it has since retired from use.

The Puzzle Board as it appeared through the 1997 season (left), and its current electronic counterpart.[edit] Puzzle boardsUntil 1997, the show used a manually-operated puzzle board composed of 48 trilons in four rows. The board was surrounded by a border of lights which flashed at the beginning and end of the round. When a letter was placed in the puzzle, its space would light up, and the hostess would turn the trilon to reveal it. In February 1997, the show adopted a computerized board composed of 52 monitors; to illuminate a letter, the hostess touches the monitor’s edge. This board makes Toss-Up puzzles possible, and reveals a solution instantly.

The following is a list of some of the changes over the show’s history.

Winnings records

Peter Argyropolous and Deborah Cohen $146,529 February 1996(two shows)
Mindi Mitola $146,254 September 1990(three shows)[
Christine Denos and Jack Wagner $142,550 February 28, 2006
Becca Rhine $128,177 February 7, 2007

Board gamesNumerous board games version of the game have been released by different toy companies. The games are all similar, however, incorporating a wheel, a puzzle display board, fake money and various accessories like free spin tokens.Milton Bradley released the first board game in 1975. In addition to all the supplies mentioned above, the game included 20 prize cards (to simulate the “shopping” prizes of the show; the prizes ranged in value from $100 to $3,000). Two editions were released.Pressman Toy Corp. released several different editions from 1985 to 1991.Tyco/Mattel created three editions from 1992 to 1998Parker Brothers released their own version in 1999Pressman Toy Corp. has released four editions since 2002, including a 20th Anniversary edition and a Simpsons edition, and retains the rights at present.[edit] Video, arcade, slot, and online gamesMain article: Wheel of Fortune (video game)[edit] Mobile gameIn 2005, Info Space Games teamed up with Sony Pictures Mobile to create the mobile game Wheel of Fortune for Prizes. Players competed against others across the U.S. in multi-player tournaments for a chance to win daily and weekly prizes.


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