Model Behavior

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Model Behavior is a 2000 TV movie that aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC. The film starred Maggie Lawson and was directed by Mark Rosman. The film also stars Justin Timberlake and co-stars Kathie Lee Gifford. It is based on the book by Michael Levin Janine and Alex, Alex and Janine.

Maggie Lawson in Model Behavior

Alex Burroughs is a shy, insecure girl who, while helping her father with his catering business at a party, meets Janine Adams, the teen model of the time.

Meanwhile, Janine is fed up with her mother Dierdre not being home when she has her first book signing, because her brother Max is going on a publicity tour. Through a strange coincidence the two girls realize they look so much alike that they decide to swap places for a while. Alex gets to date Jason Sharp (Justin Timberlake), a hip male model, but she has to deal with Janine's domineering mother, Deirdre (Kathie Lee Gifford).