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So, for starters, writing this year’s paper on last year’s experiences turned out to be a wonderful blessing in disguise. I mean, to be able to take it and turn it around and use it this way has been amazing. Plus the peers in class loved it too, and we’ve had discussions about the topic in general since then. It was cool, cause I got to hear from them about other similar experiences.

Just a few pointers - So I don’t have to publicize the paper:

Rachel Simmons is the wonderful author of Odd Girl out, which was made into a tv-movie, and the sequel Odd Girl Speaks Out. I recommend you take the time to pick these books up. Or if you are lazy, at least watch the movie. xP
It really really really goes into great detail of the stereotypical queen-bee, mean chicks, girl clique bullies and the aspects of the group and their targets. What occurs on the inside and how it affects people psychologically.
I had so much to learn on this being that I never had the experience during that age group. I knew it existed, as most do, but I wasn’t real aware of most of it. So coming from it now, I was able to really see a lot of interesting aspects of it. From where the jealousy occurs, to the aggression, to the hazing and taunting. Being able to place names to each was fascinating as well. I was constantly amazed at how everything fit.

Plus, there was like a list of things I wish I had known before last year xD
- ….don’t try to IM (instant message) your way through a fight…
- …..Cyber-bullies may publish personal contact information for their victims at websites. They may attempt to assume the identity of a victim for the purpose of publishing material in their name that defames or ridicules them…..

I mean, THEY WRITE BOOKS ON THIS STUFF XDD how classic is that for you.

One term I loved - “Hanger-ons” you know, those sheep that follow along with what the “in” group is doing going “baa-baa”

Yet, the research didn’t end there. I was witness to another incident not long after that involved boys taunting and hazing. Now typically you see females in this role because girls are more emotionally driven, and guys tend to be physical in their approach to aggression. But when a few of us broke down the situation, some interesting things came from it.
- one being that it occurred online. The boys could not express their aggression physically
- The boy had been “the odd one out” prior to the incident. And therefore used his way back “in” by hazing another. Creating another victim, and removing himself from that position.
- So what exactly does that say about how our society works then?

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