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11:07 — OK, so Vampire Weekend’s first song “A-Punk” wasn’t as horrible as I was expecting and hoping, but it sounded…weird. I’m not quite sure why, but something was muffled, and you can tell that the lead singers’ vocal range isn’t as high as their disc would make you assume. We’ll have to see the second song.

11:11 — Weekend Update. If my funny friend Arthur likes Tim Calhoun, I like Tim Calhoun. How is Will Forte’s hair so shiny? Best line: “Super Tuesday. If I was forced to make a choice, I’d choose soup. No offense, Tuesday.”

11:18 — This show would be lost without Amy Poehler.

11:20 — “Ugh. Kenan Thompson only has ‘Kenan Thompson man and Kenan Thompson woman.” — Arthur

11:27 — Amy Adams easily could have been cast as Pam on “The Office.” She even looks like Jenna Fisher, too.
Which one’s which?

11:46 — Zip Zop Zoogie? Zip Zop Zawful.

11:48 — Amy Adams’ dress to introduce Vampire Weekends second song? Just as zawful.

11:49 — I find it to be NO coincidence that they picked songs with such low vocals like “M79″.

11:55 — How the hell did Casey Williams get on this show? She’s so bad that she not only can’t hold her own, but distracts from every sketch.

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