Saint Joseph's Day

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Saint Joseph's Day, commonly called the Feast of St. Joseph or in some churches, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph is marked in some Christian churches in honor of Saint Joseph, spouse of Mary and foster father of Jesus. Falling on March 19, it is a Solemnity in the Roman Catholic Church, a feast in the provinces of the Anglican Communion, and a feast or festival in the Lutheran Church. In the Orthodox Church, the feast falls on the Sunday after Christmas.
How exactly did the Irish come to “own” the month of March. St. Patrick’s day, when everyone is Irish. Well, I’m here to tell you that your pal Big Sank, is decidedly NOT Irish. Try as I might there is absolutely no indication of Irish ancestry in my genetic mix. Other than an affinity for whisky (or as they spell it in Ireland, whiskey) and good Irish folk music.. nothing. Apparently my ancestral roots take me to England and France. Specifically Cornwall, which gets me into Club Celtic, but with a different bent, and South Eastern France where the skiing is good, but food is awful.

I post this question because, completely ignored this month, is another Saints feast for home the other half of Catholic New York should be celebrating. I’m speaking of course of Saint Joesph, non other than the husband of Mary and, I don’t know I’m sort out of my area of expertise here, the Foster Dad to Jesus?

I have none other than my pisan pal from that most Italian of borough’s, Brooklyn , Guiseppe Governale for hipping me to La Festa de San Giuseppe. While it lacks the drunken revelry of St. Patrick’s day, (which you have to wonder if the good Saint would approve of how is Feast Day is observed) there is a great deal of importance attached to this day in Sicilian circles.

Saint Bernardino of Siena was the main proponent of Joseph's veneration in the western Church, where his feast day was first celebrated in 1621. In 1870, Pope Pius IX declared Joseph the patron of the Universal Church, and promoted the "Patronage" feast of Saint Joseph (later called the "Solemnity of Saint Joseph" before the Vatican II calendar's use of the term solemnity) on the third Wednesday after Easter. In 1955 this solemnity was replaced by the optional feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, which occurs on May 1, intentionally coinciding with the international labour day or May Day.

Saint Joseph's Day is the Patronal Feast day for persons named Joseph, Josephine, etc., for religious orders, schools and parishes bearing his name, and for carpenters. He is also the patron saint of the Universal Church, workers, and families.